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Click the Point and Click button to begin.
You need to configure the attributes of the SHARED directory. Click the Remote Manager option you would use to do this. Sorry Missing the picture
Answer: Click the “Attributes”

Which network protocols can be used by the Novell Client to communicate with an OES NetWare server? (Choose 2.)

A.    IP
B.    IPX
C.    AFP
D.    ICMP
E.    NetBEUI
F.    Server Message Blocks

Answer: AB

You’re installing the Novell Client on a Windows workstation. The workstation must be able to communicate with an OES NetWare server configured to use the IP protocol and an older NetWare 4.2 server configured to use the IPX protocol. Can this be done?

A.    Yes, the Novell Client can use both protocols at the same time.
B.    No, the current version of the Novell Client doesn’t support the IPX protocol.
C.    No, the Novell Client can be configured to use either the IP or the IPX protocol, but not both at
the same time.
D.    No, you must install two instances of the Novell Client on the workstation; one configured to use
the IP protocol, the other configured to use the IPX protocol.

Answer: A

You need to install the Novell Client on Windows XP workstations in your organization with the Rehabilitation Act Section 508 compliance feature enabled. How can you do this?

A.    You can’t. The Client doesn’t support Section 508 specificatons.
B.    When installing the Client, run SETUPNW.EXE with the /508 switch.
C.    Install the Client, then access the Client’s properties page and click the 508 Compliance button.
D.    You don’t have to do anything. The Client’s Section 508 compliance feature is automatically enabled
by default.
E.    Install the Client, then use REGEDIT access the registry. Locate the NWCLIENT key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and add /508 to the load line.
F.    Install the Client, then locate the NET.CFG file in C:\NOVELL and change the value of the 508_ENABLED
line to TRUE.

Answer: B

If you specify a Typical Installation while installing the Novell Client, which components will be installed by default? (Choose 2.)

A.    Rsync Agent
B.    MySQL Client
C.    Novell iFolder Client
D.    ZENworks Imaging Service
E.    Novell Workstation Manager
F.    ZENworks Application Launcher
G.    Novell Network Monitoring Agent
H.    Novell TCP/IP Compatibility Driver

Answer: EF

When installing the Novell Client on a Windows workstation, which login authenticator should you select if the Client will be used to log into an OES NetWare server?

A.    NDS
B.    Bindery
C.    eDirectory
D.    Compatibility Mode

Answer: A

Which product or service can you use to automatically configure Novell Client properties on multiple workstations? (Choose 2.)

A.    Rsync
B.    OpenSSH
C.    Virtual Office
D.    ZENworks for Desktops
E.    Domain Name System (DNS)
F.    Network Time Protocol (NTP)
G.    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Answer: DG

Click the Exhibit button to begin. When you installed the eDirectory tree, your Admin user object was automatically assigned all entry rights to the tree root. What rights does Admin have to the DA1 server object?


A.    Browse
B.    Supervisor
C.    Supervisor, Browse, Delete, Rename
D.    Browse, Create, Delete, Rename
E.    Browse, Create, Delete, Rename, Inheritable
F.    Supervisor, Browse, Create, Delete, Rename, Inheritable
G.    Admin has no rights.

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button to begin.
To ease your administrative workload, you have hired the JCorry user to help you administer your eDirectory tree. You have assigned her user object to be a trustee of the DA container and granted it Browse, Create, Rename, and Inheritable rights. What object rights does JCorry have to server objects in the Corp container?

A.    Supervisor
B.    Inheritable
C.    Browse, Create
D.    Read, Inheritable
E.    Create, Rename, Inheritable
F.    Browse, Rename, Inheritable
G.    Supervisor, Browse, Create, Rename, Inheritable

Answer: F

Which method will allow you to access the Novell Client properties page on a Windows XP workstation? (Choose 2.)

A.    Right-click the red N icon in the System Tray; then select Novell Client Properties.
B.    Right-click anywhere on the Desktop and select Properties; then select Novell Client for Windows.
C.    In the Local Area Connection Properties dialog, select Novell Client for Windows; then select Properties.
D.    Right-click the Start button and select Network Connections; then select Novell Client for Windows >
E.    Right-click My Computer and select Properties; then select Network Connections > Novell Client for
Windows > Properties.
F.    In Control Panel, right-click Network Connections and select Properties; then select Novell Client for
Windows > Properties.

Answer: AC

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