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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-M19
Exam Name: HP Virtual User Generator Sotware

What is used, during the debugging process that will pause execution at a specific point in the script?

A.    Step button
B.    Compile button
C.    Execution Arrow button
D.    Toggle Breakpoint button

Answer: D

Which section in a VuGen script is executed only one time, during Vuser initialization?

A.    login
B.    action
C.    vuser_init
D.    vuser_end

Answer: C

You want to apply Script A Run-time settings, parameters, extra files, and actions to Script B.
How can this be accomplished?

A.    save Script A script as a template, then apply the template to Script B
B.    export Script A settings to a .cor file, then import the settings to Script B
C.    select the option to create a new Vuser script from, then, select Script A
D.    copy the .ext file located in Script A main directory to Script B main directory

Answer: A

For debugging purposes, you would like to show a browser during replay. Where do you enable this option?

A.    General options
B.    Playback options
C.    Run-time settings
D.    Recording options

Answer: A

You have created several new Auto Correlation rules. A new tester on your team is preparing to record a group of scripts on the same application on his workstation. What can you do to provide the tester with the correlation rules?

A.    You do not need to do anything. Auto Correlation rules are global and are available to all testers using the same Controller machine.
B.    Under the File menu, you select Zip Operations, then export to a zip file. You have the new tester import the file into his script.
C.    The Auto Correlation rules are saved in the script main folder. You create a share so the other tester has access to the script main folder.
D.    You export the Auto Correlation rules to a .cor file, and then have the new team member import the .cor file into his Auto Correlation rules.

Answer: D

What is the recommended Logging Run-time setting when playing back a script prior to manual correlation?

A.    Standard
B.    Disable Logging
C.    Extended -> Parameter Substitution
D.    Extended -> Data Returned by Server

Answer: D

You want to have your script define a different e-mail address to each user during a registration process for an e-commerce site, using the following format: [email protected]. Your script will execute a maximum of 50 iterations. How can this be accomplished?

A.    define a file parameter, start at 1, block size per Vuser: 50, number format:
testing%[email protected]
B.    define a unique number parameter, start at 1, block size per Vuser: 50, number format:
testing%[email protected]
C.    define a random number parameter, minimum number: 1, maximum number: 99999, number format: testing%[email protected]
D.    define a sequential number parameter, minimum number: 1, maximum number 999, number format: testing%[email protected]

Answer: B

You want to have each step in your script measured as a transaction in the Controller and not shown in the Replay Log in VuGen. How can you accomplish this?

A.    enable the automatic transaction in the Run-time settings
B.    manually add transactions to each step from the Tree view
C.    add a transaction to each page, using the transactions sub-task
D.    select the option from the Tools menu to add transaction to each step in the Script view

Answer: A

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