Passed Avaya 3304 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE (51-60)

Refer to the Exhibit. Given the information in the exhibit, what happens to a call if someone calls this vector on January 1 at 10:00?


A.    The call will queue to skill 1
B.    The call will be disconnected
C.    The call will be routed to 2048
D.    The call will be routed to 2049

Answer: A

Which three statements are true about configuring a Call Center with the Elite offer? (Choose three)

A.    It is possible to use Vector Directory Number (VDN) skill preferences.
B.    Call Management System (CMS) or IQ must be used as the reporting tool.
C.    It includes Export Agent Selection (EAS) and Business Advocate (BA).
D.    Service Level Maximize (SLM) can be used as a skills-based call distribution type.
E.    SLM can be used as an agent-based call distribution type.

Answer: CD

A single vector can serve multiple Vector Directory Numbers (VDN). VDN and vector variables can greatly ease administration.
Given the information in the exhibit when a caller is queued in vector 1999 via VDN 7200, which announcement will be played on step 6?

A.    8610
B.    8611
C.    8612
D.    8613

Answer: D

A supervisor with console permission can enter an agent’s login ID, and add or remove- an agent’s skill via feature access code (FAC). Agents can also dial FAC to add 01 remove a skill.
Which statement is true about the configuration of this feature?

A.    The supervisors class of restriction (COR) must have the field “Can Force a Work State Change”
B.    The supervisors class of services (COS) must have the field “Add/Remove Agent Skills” set to
D.    The supervisors COR must have the field “Add/Remove Agent Skills” set to y.
E.    The supervisors COS must have the field “Can Force a Work State Change” set to y.
F.    The agent’s COS must have the field “Add/remove Agent skills” set to y.

Answer: C

Before beginning a customer contact center design, which three design elements are needed? (Choose three)

A.    network map
B.    firmware updates
C.    equipment list
D.    test plan
E.    customer requirements worksheets

Answer: CDE

An agent has just logged into a skill, but has not made themselves ready to answer queue calls.
Which work mode is the agent using for that skill?

A.    Auxiliary Work
B.    After Call Work
C.    Extension In
D.    Available

Answer: A

A customer is having issues with the amount of calls answered by a certain group of agents
Which three tools or commands can be used to track call activity in nearly teal time? (Choose three)

A.    Monitor bcms vdn
B.    Monitor traffic hunt group
C.    Administer a vu-display button to monitor calls in queue.
D.    Monitor bcms skill
E.    Administer a q-call button.

Answer: ABD

A very large contact center needs to have several agents logged into as many as 20 skills simultaneously as a backup.
Which feature must be licensed to allow for this number of assignments?

A.    Expert Agent Selection (EAS)
B.    EAS Preference Handling Distribution (EAS PHD)
C.    Service Level Maximizer (SLM)
D.    Business Advocate (BA)

Answer: B

Which three Hems arc needed to properly configure a hunt group in an Expert Agent Selection Call center? (Choose three.)

A.    The call distribution method
B.    The group extension
C.    Vector Directory Number (VDN)
D.    The class of Restriction (COR)
E.    The trunk group number

Answer: ABD

A customer has Elite Call Center package and wants Basic Call Management System (BCMS) for reports. Which statement is true about this scenario?

A.    BCMS has all the functions Call Management System (CMS) supports but with less capacity.
B.    BCMS generates Split Reports and not Skills Reports.
C.    BCMS does not support all Call Center Elite features
D.    BCMS is only offered for Customers with a Basic Call Center package.

Answer: C

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