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Which two statements about Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with Expert Agent Selection (EAS) disabled are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Agents should log in manually to each split.
B.    Agents could be logged in to 20 splits maximum.
C.    Splits could be measured by Basic Call Management System (BCMS).
D.    After an ACD-call, an agent will automatically change its state to AUX.

Answer: AC

How can an installer identify if a customer has the Call Center Elite package?

A.    Check the System-Parameters Customer-Options Form and look for the “Call Center Elite” field.
B.    Check the Feature-Related System Parameters and look for the “Call Center Elite” field.
C.    Check the System-Parameters Customer-Options Form and look for the “EAS” field.
D.    Check the System-Parameters Customer-Options Form and look for the “Vectoring (3-0 Enhanced) field.

Answer: C

Which two benefits to a Call Center does the Call Vectoring feature provide? (Choose two.)

A.    The ability to change the skills assigned to an agent
B.    The conditional call treatment or routing based on parameters suchastime of day, day of holidays, etc.
C.    The ability for an agent to answer multiple Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls
D.    The ability for supervisors to monitor an agent’s ACD calls
E.    The customized handling of incoming calls via programmed commands

Answer: BE

Direct Agent calls are not getting counted correctly in Call Management System (CMS).
What must be administered so that Direct Agent calls are measured properly?

A.    Class of Service (COS)
B.    skill-level
C.    Class of Restriction (COR)
D.    ead-mia

Answer: C

Clear Caller info field in the system-parameters-features form is being implemented for a call
center that is in the medical industry.
Which three options can be set in the field to clear the caller’s information from the agent’s station lay? (Choose three.)

A.    leave-ACW
B.    next-Call
C.    leave-AUX
D.    on-call-release
E.    forced-call

Answer: ABD

You configured vectors in New York and Denver locations to look ahead interflow. You want your New York location to interflow to your Denver location if the Denver split has less than 10 calls in queue. After setting vectors in the exhibit you find that all calls are interflowing to Denver.
What would cause all calls to interflow to Denver?


A.    The route-to number command in step 6 in New York is allowing all calls to interflow to Denver.
B.    The wait-time command is step 3 on Denver is considered a call acceptance command and allowing
all calls to interflow.
C.    The wait-time command step 1 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and allowing
all calls to interflow.
D.    Step 8 in the Denver command should be busy command.

Answer: A

Based on the agent idle time and call flow the exhibit, to which location will the queued?


A.    Skill 77
B.    Location 1
C.    Location 2
D.    Location 3

Answer: B

Which set of Vector Directory Number (VDN)/Vector types are used for multi-site Best Service Routing (BSR)?

A.    Interflow, Outflow, and 1st Available
B.    Primary, Status poll, and Outflow
C.    Status poll, Interflow, and 1st available
D.    Primary, Status poll, and Interflow

Answer: D

Given the Information in the exhibit, which skill number will the next call be served by, and at which step will vector processing end?


A.    skill 3; step 3
B.    skill 2; step 5
C.    skill 2; step 8
D.    skill l; step 5

Answer: C

In an Expert Agent Selection (EAS) Call Center, the customer wants queued calls to be answered by the agent that has been available the longest. Skill level is not an important factor when routing the queued calls to an agent.
Which type of call distribution method should the hunt group be configured to achieve this?

A.    Direct Department Calling (DDC)
B.    Uniform Call Distribution Most Idle Agent (UCD-MIA)
C.    Uniform Call Distribution-Least Occupied Agent (UCD-LOA)
D.    Dynamic Agent Selection (DAS)
E.    Expert Agent Distribution-Most Idle Agent (EAD-MIA)

Answer: B

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