Passed Avaya 3304 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE (1-10)

Which three monitor commands are available with Basic Call Management System (BCMS)? (Choose three)

A.    Monitor bcms agent
B.    Monitor bcms skill
C.    Monitor bcms split
D.    Monitor bcms system
E.    Monitor bcms vector

Answer: BCD

What provides built-in real and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, including reports for Splits/Skill, Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and trunk groups?

A.    VvStats
B.    Service level maximize (SLM)
C.    Basic Call management System (BCMS)
D.    Automated Number Identification (ANI)

Answer: C

A customer wants the ability to track the call types for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls answered by agents. These call types will be defined by the customer.
Which call feature can the customer use to track their defined call types?

A.    Least Occupied Agent (LOA)
B.    Call Work Codes (CWC)
C.    Feature Access Codes (FAC)
D.    Redistribution on No Answer (RONA)

Answer: B

You are implementing a new contact center and gathering all information for the new agents. The Communication manager (CM) Agent Login ID form is populated from information gathered on the Agent Skills Worksheet.
Which three items are included on this worksheet? (Choose three)

A.    Call handling preference
B.    Login ID
C.    Skill preferences
D.    Skill level
E.    Class of service (COS)

Answer: ABD

Which vector object can replace the Time of Day (TOD) global Vector Variable?

A.    Business Schedule Table
B.    Vector Routing Table
C.    Service Hours Table
D.    Policy Routing Table

Answer: C

The first administered extensions in the hunt-group screen is usually serving a call, and is often referred to as `hot seat’.
What is the name of this call distribution method?

A.    circ
B.    ead-mia
C.    ucd-loa
D.    ddc

Answer: D

A supervisor like a summary report from Basic Communication Management System (BCMS) and is not sure what data items are available for this report.
Which three objects are available for a summary report? (Choose three)

A.    hunt
B.    trunk
C.    skill
D.    vdn
E.    station

Answer: BCD

A customer wants to start “Service Observing” while off site.
Which two parameters must be configured to allow this? (Choose two.)

A.    Service Observing Listen Only Access Code
B.    COR – Restriction Override set to all
C.    Service Observing (Remote/By FAC)
D.    Telecommuter

Answer: AC

You need to troubleshoot their Best Services Routing polling vectors to verify that they are operating as intended.
Which command would you use to do this?

A.    List trace trunk
B.    Monitor bcms hunt group
C.    List trace vdn
D.    Monitor bcms trunk

Answer: C

You are preparing the implementation call flow documents for a customer in the balancing industry. One of the customer’s requirements is to have a forced two minute After Call Work (ACW) for calls regarding credit fraud. All other calls need to have a 15 second ACW.
How can this be accomplished?

A.    Since ACW is only available on the hunt group form, agents would need to be assigned a dedicated
skill with a two minute ACW for the credit card fraud calls.
B.    Since ACW is only available on the hunt group form, the agent should press the ACW button to extend
Mi. if ACW from IS seconds to two minutes.
C.    ACW can be assigned to both the Skill and Vector Directory Number (VDN), but the Skill timed ACW
takes precedence over the VDN ACW.
D.    ACW can be assigned to both the Skill and VDN, and the VDN timed ACW takes precedence over

Answer: A

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