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Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-220
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Implementer – Modular

You have installed the Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot software on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS storage system running TrueCopy. Which two steps need to be performed after you have enabled the Copy-on-Write SnapShot key? (Choose two.)

A.    Delete the TrueCopy paths.
B.    Suspend the TrueCopy pairs.
C.    Disable the TrueCopy license.
D.    Reboot the AMS storage system.

Answer: BD

Which HBAs and drivers are supported by HiCommand Device Manager?

A.    only QLOGIC HBAs
B.    only EMULEX HBAs
C.    any HBAs and drivers supported by Hitachi storage systems
D.    any HBAs and drivers where the vendor provides a documented API

Answer: C

What should be installed on an AIX server prior to an Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) installation?

A.    MPIO
C.    HTnM agent
D.    Hitachi ODM

Answer: D

Which three tasks can be performed online on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS storage system? (Choose three.)

A.    adding an RKAJ
B.    upgrading cache
C.    removing an RKAJAT
D.    replacing a cache module
E.    upgrading the micro program

Answer: ADE

You want to use Cache Partition Manager on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS500 storage system with 1GB cache per controller. Which step should be completed first to use this function?

A.    Disable Cache Residency Manager.
B.    De-install Copy-on-Write Snapshot.
C.    Install the key and reboot the system.
D.    Upgrade the cache to 2GB per controller.

Answer: D

Which management tool is used to define TrueCopy paths between two Hitachi TagmaStore AMS500 arrays?

A.    CCI
B.    SVP WebConsole
C.    Storage Navigator Modular
D.    HiCommand Replication Monitor

Answer: C

A customer has a production and a backup site separated by 25 km and connected by dark fiber through a Dense Wave Division Multiplexor (DWDM) network. The customer plans to run TrueCopy between two Hitachi TagmaStore AMS500 arrays, one in each site. How should the AMS500 TrueCopy links be attached to the ports on the DWDM?

A.    Directly to the DWDM on Gigabit Ethernet.
B.    To the DWDM ports through a Fibre Channel switch.
C.    Directly to the DWDM ports through long wave cables.
D.    Directly to the DWDM ports through shortwave cables.

Answer: B

When configuring TrueCopy links between two Hitachi TagmaStore AMS500 arrays, wich two statements are true concerning the Fibre Channel ports? (Choose two.)

A.    The local port can act as an Initiator and a Target.
B.    The local port needs to be configured as an Initiator.
C.    The remote port needs to be configured as a Target.
D.    No specific TrueCopy Fibre Channel Port settings are required.

Answer: AD

A customer wants to use TrueCopy (TC) on Hitachi TagmaStore AMS storage systems. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    P-Vols and S-Vols must be the same size.
B.    P-Vols and S-Vols must have the same RAID level.
C.    P-Vols and S-Vols can have different numbers of data disks.
D.    P-Vols and S-Vols must have the same number of data disks.

Answer: AC

What are two steps in setting up a Command Device on an Hitachi TagmaStore AMS500 in a Windows environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Make entries under the HORCM_CMD sections of your HORCM configuration files.
B.    Present the Command Device to the server that runs the Command Control Interface and do a Windows format.
C.    Present the Command Device to the server that runs the Command Control Interface and let Windows
write a signature.
D.    Use Storage Navigator Modular to create a 20MB sized LUN and mark it as a Command Device by using
the Command Device dialog.

Answer: AC

Which two statements are true about Command Devices? (Choose two.)

A.    Command Devices can be shared between multiple servers.
B.    When setting up two Command Devices, they must have the same RAID level.
C.    There must be one Command Device for ShadowImage and another for TrueCopy.
D.    On an AMS500, a Command Device can also be defined by the Command Line Interface using the aucmddev command.

Answer: AD

You must implement a ShadowImage application. You decide to put the primary volumes into horcm0.conf and the secondary volumes into horcm1.conf. There will be a production server owning the P-VOLS and another server running the backups. You decide to run the horcm instances 0 and 1 on both servers for backup purposes. After the first paircreate you discover that your production data has been destroyed because data was copied from the secondary volume to the primary volume. Why did this happen?

A.    The production server was down during paircreate.
B.    HORCMINST was set to 1 and you defined the -vl option on paircreate.
C.    You defined the -vr option on paircreate and HORCMINST was set to 1.
D.    You did not define the -vl option when issuing the paircreate command.

Answer: B

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