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IBM Tivoli Support Provider Tools and Processes: 000-023 Exam
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  • Exam Code: 000-023
  • Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Support Provider Tools and Processes
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1: Which two statements are true regarding Support Provider Level 1 Customer Support? (Choose two.)

A.Level 1 Support is responsible for taking the first support call from a Customer (during normal business hours, Monday – Friday in line with IBMs standard 5×8 support).
B.Level 1 Support is responsible for testing new software versions of IBM products and communicating the release of said software to clients that have purchased it from IBM.
C.Level 1 Support is responsible for incorporating and testing any program fix provided by Level 3 Support (as appropriate), and delivering or
communicating the problem resolution, bypass, circumvention, or other notice of restriction to the End User.
D.Level 1 Support is responsible logging all calls in an electronic call management system capable of opening an internal PMR or other form of trouble ticket that captures and can report in electronic format historic information relating to a problem, from the first Call through to the resolution of the problem.
E.Level 1 Support is responsible for logging all calls in an XML, Excel or Lotus 123 spread sheet so that Level 2 support can open an internal PMR or other form of trouble ticket that captures and can report in electronic format historic information relating to a problem, from the first call through to the resolution of the problem.
Correct Answers: C D

2: A support provider opens a PMR for a customer. Who is the owner of the issue?
A.customer provider
C.account manager
D.IBM Tivoli Support
Correct Answers: D

3: What are three correct classifications when reporting a problem? (Choose three.)
C.ICN Number
D.Priority Level
E.Response Time
F.Driver and or Configuration
Correct Answers: A B F

4: Prior to escalating an issue to IBM Tivoli Support, which action should the Level 2 support provider take?
A.Reboot the production server.
B.Verify Operating System is fully patched.
C.Delete current log file to allow new logs to be created.
D.Use debugging tools to capture detailed problem information.
Correct Answers: D

5: Which two pieces of information must the Level 2 support provider include when opening a PMR with IBM Tivoli Support? (Choose two.)
A.product license file
B.system shadow password file
C.relevant product configuration files
D.product entitlement contact number
E.log files from when the issue occurred
Correct Answers: C E

6: What are two examples of diagnostic Information? (Choose two.)
D.file name
E.incident history
Correct Answers: B C

7: The Site Technical Contact (STC) is responsible for support compliance for the end customers site. What are two additional responsibilities of the STC? (Choose two.)
A.Maintains authorizations to support-related web and tool access.
B.Approving nominations for access to ESR/SR on an individual basis.
C.Maintains authorizations to access Tivoli frequently asked questions.
D.Approving IBM Tivoli Support PMRs for escalation to the development team.
E.Approving IBM Tivoli Support engineers access to customer support tickets.
Correct Answers: A B

8: The ESR/SR tool is used to open, update and report on PMRs online. Whose responsibility is it to grant and deny access to the ESR/SR?
A.Primary Contact
B.IBM Tivoli Support
C.Passport Advantage
D.Site Technical Contact
Correct Answers: D

9: Which information does the IBM Information Center provide?
A.How to access and download IBM software.
B.How to change a customer’s Primary Contact information.
C.Task oriented How To instructions and reference material.
D.Updated information regarding PMRs you have opened with IBM Tivoli Support.
Correct Answers: C

10: What are two responsibilities of the Primary Site Technical Contact? (Choose two.)

A.Opening all PMRs on behalf of all their Support Analysts.
B.Downloading software from Passport Advantage for use by the end user.
C.Assigning up to nine Secondary Site Technical Contact per end user contract.
D.Uploading all End User Debug files to ESR/SR on behalf of their support analysts.
E.Accept or deny a request for a Support Provider’s engineer to obtain access to an end users account.
Correct Answers: C E

11: When searching the knowledge base on the IBM Support website, what is the best search strategy for finding targeted information?
A.Select just one product and only one keyword.
B.Select the product, operating system and a date range.
C.Target a wide set of records, by using just one keyword.
D.Select the product(s) and other specific criteria for which a solution is required.
Correct Answers: D

12: Where can the most thorough searches on support be performed?
A.anywhere with a search dialog header of any web page
C.always from a specific product support page
D.IBM Software Support Home page
Correct Answers: D

13: Which two resources are available on the IBM developerWorks website? (Choose two.)
A.Latest test fixes released by development.
B.Software licenses for proof of concept installs.
C.Web-based community forums and Wiki pages.
D.List of new features still under development for each product.
E.Technical tutorials and demos for developers and administrators.
Correct Answers: C E

14: Which Maintenance Delivery Vehicles (MDVs) provides a cumulative, fully supported and formally tested software maintenance package of APAR fixes?
B.Test Fix
C.Fix Pack
D.Limited Availability Interim Fix
Correct Answers: C

15: IBM Software Support Feeds allow one to stay up-to-date with the latest content created for specific IBM Software products. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A.feeds can include IBM stock prices
B.feeds can be filtered using keywords
C.feeds are updated several times a day
D.feeds are delivered using IBM proprietary standards
E.feeds may be customized to include PMR information
Correct Answers: B C

16: What is Assist On-Site?
A.An IBM education program used to create and deliver client customized training.
B.An IBM dedicated resource who resides at the client’s site to advise on technical issues.
C.An IBM web based technology used to troubleshoot by viewing or controlling a remote system.
D.An IBM team of support engineers that travel to customer locations to resolve critical problems.
Correct Answers: C

17: To access ESR/SR and open a PMR on behalf of an end user, what are two requirements? (Choose two)
A.approval from the End User
B.the customer’s Telephone number
C.the customer’s contact name and address be registered with IBM and have a login ID be setup as an Authorized User or a Site Technical Contact
Correct Answers: D E

18: Which two statements are true of Interim Fix (IF) Maintenance Delivery Vehicles? (Choose two.)
A.Interim Fixes are formally tested and fully supported by IBM.
B.Interim Fixes are uncertified fixes that may be used for testing only.
C.Interim Fixes are installable packages which include one or more APAR fixes.
D.Interim Fixes are not published on the IBM website and must be requested from support.
E.Interim Fixes do not contain any documentation, Readme files or installation instructions.
Correct Answers: A C

19: Based upon user feedback of the IBM Support Assistant tool, what increased resolution time have they observed?
Correct Answers: C

20: If an individual needs to search knowledge for several products in one step, how can this be done?
A.use the product selector dialog to select All
B.perform separate searches for each product
C.enter the keywords in for a search, without selecting a product
D.go to the search dialog for task types and select up to 5 products
Correct Answers: D