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IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 Implementation: 000-008 Exam
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  • Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 Implementation
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1.Why is a data source required?
A.Data source contains data required for impact event enrichment.
B.Data source contains data required for calculating server downtime.
C.Data source contains data required for services and other related service information.
D.Data source contains data required for LDAP configurations, including login attempts and errors.

2.Which two steps are performed when creating a user interface for a customer that involves custom canvases? (Choose two.)
A.Spend a couple of days mocking up some examples.
B.Develop the operational requirements with the customer.
C.Show some quick examples before doing extensive development.
D.Determine if one will be using static or dynamic visual elements.
E.Specify the screen real estate with the customer so that one has room.
Answer:C D

3.A customer will install IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 (Tivoli Business Service Manager) in an environment with an existing OMNIbus installation. Which two groups should be interviewed when designing the Tivoli Business Service Manager services? (Choose two.) group to obtain firewall information
B.database administrators to obtain database information
C.monitoring group to find out how their enterprise is monitored
D.OMNIbus administrators to find out which events are coming into OMNIbus
E.operation group to find out what they want to see on Tivoli Business Service Manager console
Answer:D E

4.When utilizing Oracle database information to create IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager service models, what is the primary method used to create service models?
B.Discovery Library Toolkit models
C.event-based automatic population rules fetcher automated population rules

5.When planning the deployment of IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1, which primary task must be performed to create a document of deployment?
A.Determine the database for deployment.
B.Determine the schema for operational displays.
C.Determine the operational display requirements.
D.Determine roll-out architecture across the environments.
6.Which two steps are used to help document the customer’s service requirements? (Choose two.)
A.Determine which CPAs are reviewed.
B.Determine the number of incoming events.
C.Determine what interacts with the solution.
D.Determine which ports will be used to access the data sources.
E.Determine the size of the organization and the number of end users.
Answer:B E

7.Which application is used by IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager to provide details about the relationship among network assets?
A.IBM Tivoli Impact
B.IBM Tivoli Asset Manager for IT
C.IBM Tivoli Dependency Discovery Manager
D.IBM Tivoli Application Performance Management

8.What is needed, in addition to documentation, access to and knowledge of a client’s existing monitoring system, to effectively implement IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager?
A.project timeline
B.database structures for ESDA’s policies of the client
D.personnel responsible for existing products

9.What are three sources for a Discovery Library Toolkit? (Choose three.)
A.DB2 V9.5
B.WebSphere Application Server
C.zSeries Discovery Library Adapter
D.Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager
E.physical topology layout in Tivoli Enterprise Portal
F.any Tivoli or non-Tivoli source with conforming IDML books
Answer:C D F

10.What should be asked first when reviewing a trend perspective?
A.What kind of presentation layer will this trend perspective require?
B.What kind of data source is needed and what is the polling interval for the key performance indicators (KPIs)?
C.Is the trend, long-term or short-term and what are the trend calculation intervals?
D.Is there historical data and forecast data in the KPIs?

11.Which three customers are interviewed to gather requirements for deploying a business service management solution? (Choose three.)
A.facilities staff
B.external vendors
C.research department management
D.information technology management
E.line of business owners and product management center operations and network operations personnel
Answer:D E F

12.An IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 (Tivoli Business Service Manager) administrator is designing a new service model. What has to be done so that the service status is accurately propagated up the hierarchy?
A.Create correct aggregation rules.
B.Create correct auto-population rules.
C.Create correct incoming status rules.
D.Make correct child-parent hierarchical relation for all Tivoli Business Service Manager services.

13.Which operating system prevents the successful installation of the Data server when working with the Hardware Deployment team?
C.Sun Solaris
D.Microsoft Windows

14.IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 is to be installed at a customer site by a consultant in two weeks. What must be done to ensure that the software is available?
A.Send the customer a list of software to download from Passport Advantage.
B.Download the software and burn a DVD to take to the customer site when installing.
C.Download the software and place it on a thumb drive for the customer from Extreme Leverage.
D.Wait until arriving at the customer site and download the software to make sure everything is available.

15.What are the minimum hardware requirements when planning an IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 Dashboard server installation?
A.2 GB RAM, 4 CPU, 2 GB disk space
B.4 GB RAM, 4 CPU, 8 GB disk space
C.2 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 4 GB disk space
D.1.5 GB RAM, 2 CPU, 4 GB disk space

16.Which two pieces of information are required regarding user authentication when planning an IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 installation? (Choose two.)
A.Which user groups are the users in?
B.Will OMNIbus be used for using authentication?
C.Are there any special password policies implemented?
D.Are the users defined on Windows or UNIX/Linux systems?
E.Is a file-based repository or an LDAP repository being used?
Answer:B E

17.What can simplify SQL query creation in data fetchers?
A.Database views
B.Database indexes
C.Left Outer joins
D.Automation scripts

18.Which two sources of data can IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 use as input to create and drive its service models? (Choose two.)
A.CSV files
B.LDAP servers
C.SQL databases
D.OMNIbus events devices
Answer:C D

19.Which step is recommended before exporting from the IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager (Tivoli Business Service Manager) V4.1.x system?
A.Suspend ITM Situations.
B.Stop the XML Toolkit Service.
C.Shut down the ObjectServer(s).
D.Shut down data sources used by data fetchers.

20.What is the first step to be taken when configuring IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V4.2.1 (Tivoli Business Service Manager) for certificate-based authenticated communications to the ObjectServer?
A.Retrieve the ObjectServer certificate and save it to the truststore.
B.Enable SSL for the primary ObjectServer by modifying RAD_com.sybase.jdbc3.SybDriver.props with USESSLPRIMARY=TRUE.
C.Generate a certificate that will be used for the ObjectServer and the Tivoli Business Service Manager object store.
D.Generate a certificate for the Tivoli Business Service Manager object store, extract it and install it on the ObjectServer.