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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-678
Exam Name: Implementing HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions

The battery status indicator on the EVA controller is off. What does this indicate?

A.    The battery is faulty.
B.    The battery is sufficiently charged.
C.    The battery is less than 50% charged.
D.    The battery has reached its expiration date.

Answer: B

An EVA controller failed suddenly. You have to troubleshoot the failure. Where will you be able to find the event code for the controller that failed?

A.    Windows NT Log
B.    Controller Event Log
C.    Management Agent Event Log
D.    Controller Termination Event Log

Answer: D

A blower has failed on a disk enclosure on an EVA4000. Which actions should be taken to repair the condition?

A.    Order replacement blower. Replace the failed blower when the replacement blower arrives on site.
B.    Remove the failed blower immediately. Order a replacement blower and install the replacement blower once it arrives on site.
C.    Order the replacement blower. Shut the disk enclosure down when the replacement blower arrives on site and install the replacement blower.
D.    Order the replacement blower. Remove the failed blower when the replacement blower arrives on site.Wait 30 minutes to ensure the removal is detected by the EMU and then install the replacement blower.

Answer: A

What does the Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) command capture configuration create?

A.    one to five SSSU scripts that enable it to recreate the original configuration including snapshots
B.    one to five SSSU scripts that enable it to recreate the original configuration except for snapshots
C.    a topology map and an ASCII file that summarizes the current storage system configuration
D.    one to five text files which must be converted, linked, and validated with the command capture validate in order to use them as recovery scripts

Answer: B

What is the requirement for path names when using the Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU)?

A.    must be full path names
B.    can be abbreviated path names
C.    must be upper case path names
D.    path names can be defined by an alias
E.    path names must include the EVA cell name

Answer: A

For EVAPerf to run correctly, where must its configuration files be placed?

A.    any local host
B.    the top level directory
C.    any management server
D.    the installation directory

Answer: D

Which authentication scheme is used to access Command View EVA on a ProLiant server?

A.    radius authentication
B.    operating system authentication
C.    MD5 Message Digest authentication
D.    dedicated Command View EVA authentication

Answer: B

The Command View EVAPerf enables you to monitor and display what EVA performance metrics? (Select three.)

A.    Vraid level data
B.    replication data
C.    virtual disk data
D.    port status data
E.    quorum disk data
F.    controller cache data

Answer: BCD

How does the management server communicate with the HSV controller?

A.    using SCSI tagged command queueing commands
B.    using Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) commands
C.    using Storage Management Appliance (SMA) commands
D.    using Storage Cell Management Interface (SCMI) commands

Answer: D

What URL do you enter to access Command View EVA from a remote management server web browser?

A.    https://hostname/command_view_eva
B.    http://localhost:7902/command_view_eva
C.    https://hostname:2381/command_view_eva
D.    http://hostname:5314/command_view_eva

Answer: C

What happens when one of the two HSV controllers fails?

A.    EVA operation terminates
B.    all disk groups start relevelling
C.    controller to disk enclosure bandwidth is halved
D.    EVA operation continues with only one controller

Answer: D

When I/O requests are issued to a Vdisk on the non-owning controller? (Select two.)

A.    I/O requests issued have no performance impact.
B.    A read request issued has no performance impact.
C.    A write request issued has no performance impact.
D.    A read request issued has higher performance impact .
E.    A write request issued has a higher performance impact.

Answer: CD

How much cache is installed on an HSV210 controller pair?

A.    1GB
B.    2GB
C.    4GB
D.    8GB

Answer: D

How much rack unit space does an HSV2xx controller pair use?

A.    1.5U
B.    2U
C.    3U
D.    4U

Answer: D

How can the status of a specific EVA controller cache battery be checked?

A.    from the controller’s EAB port
B.    by running controller diagnostics
C.    from Controller Properties in Command View EVA
D.    by checking the battery status LED on the back panel of the controller

Answer: C

Under the rack display in the Command View EVA navigation tree, where is the first controller displayed physically located?

A.    the top controller
B.    the bottom controller
C.    no relationship to position
D.    varies after each cell reboot

Answer: C

What does the storage system password protect?

A.    access to Command View EVA
B.    login to the management server
C.    access to the operator control panel
D.    access from the management server to the storage system

Answer: D

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