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Green IT Citizen: EX0-111 Exam

  • EX0-111 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: EX0-111
  • Exam Name: Green IT Citizen
  • Updated: February 14, 2012
  • Q & A: 90 Q&As

1.What is environmental responsibility about?
A.Protecting the health, balance and diversity of human and natural resources
B.The need to consider the well being of the environment
Answer: C

2.What does sustainable development mean.?
A.To create a balance between the demand for timber and the maintenance of the health and biodiversity of the forests
B.To make use of renewable energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas effects
C.To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs
Answer: C

3.Which puts IT in an excellent position to contribute to a sustainable world?
A.IT is not a big consumer of electricity.
B.IT does not create a lot of waste.
C.IT can help other industries to work more efficiently.
Answer: C

4.What does influence the cost of electricity?
1. The cost of fuel and capital
2. The cost of transmission and local distribution
3. Regulation
A.All of the above
B.only 1
C.only 1 and 2
Answer: A

5.Which IT alternative(s) can help cut down travel expenses?
A.Electronics documents
Answer: B

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