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MS Operations Framework,MOFF: EX0-102 Exam

  • EX0-102 Questions & Answers
  • Exam Code: EX0-102
  • Exam Name: MS Operations Framework,MOFF
  • Updated: February 2, 2012
  • Q & A: 92 Q&As

1: Which of the following is a responsibility of the Operations Role Cluster?
A.detecting intrusions and protecting against viruses
B.managing business-to-business trading interfaces
C.managing IT-procurement and purchasing functions
D.prioritizing service improvement requests and identifying gaps for future functionality
Correct Answers: B

2: In what way does Capacity Management contribute to improving IT Service Management?
A.By identifying the major technology components, infrastructure, people and processes that underpin the end-to-end delivery of service
B.By preventing interruptions to IT services as well as recovering services after an interruption occurs
C.By planning and monitoring the job scheduling process according to the requirements in the Operational Level Agreements (OLAs)
D.By planning the implementation of business requirements for IT Services so they are in place when the business needs them
Correct Answers: D

3: Which Service Management Function (SMF) needs to ensure that efficient incident detection and recovery tools and processes are in place to handle any service outages that do occur?
A.Availability Management
B.Release Management
C.Service Desk
D.System Administration
Correct Answers: A

4: Which Role Cluster has a portfolio of business-aligned IT services as a quality goal?
Correct Answers: C

5: Which Service Management Function deals with the day-to-day activities and tasks related to maintaining and adjusting the IT security infrastructure?
A.Availability Management
B.Security Administration
C.Security Management
D.System Administration
Correct Answers: B

6: What is the relationship between releases and changes?
A.A change includes both changed hardware and software components and components that were not changed. A release only includes changed hardware and software components.
B.Changes are incorporated into the IT environment by releases.
C.Releases and changes are incorporated into the IT environment independently of each other.
D.Releases are incorporated into the IT environment by changes.
Correct Answers: B

7: Which of the following is a key requirement for planning service solutions?
A.a managed IT environment
B.a milestone-driven implementation process
C.take the perspective of end-to-end services
D.understanding of the business and the operational requirements
Correct Answers: D

8: Which of the following describes the concept of Service Management Functions (SMFs)?
A.a model for measuring the performance of the process
B.a model for organizing IT staff
C.organizational units that support IT operations
D.processes, procedures and policies to deliver and support IT service solutions
Correct Answers: D

9: What is a goal of Security Administration?
Correct Answers: B

10: Which steps in the MOF Risk Management Process follow each other immediately?
A.Analyzing and Prioritizing Risks – Planning and Scheduling Risk Actions
B.Analyzing and Prioritizing Risks – Tracking and Reporting Risks
C.Identifying Risks in Operations – Planning and Scheduling Risk Actions
D.Identifying Risks in Operations – Tracking and Reporting Risks
Correct Answers: A

11: Within the operations life cycle, which Operations Management Review follows the Changing Quadrant?
A.Change Initiation Review
B.Operations Review
C.Release Readiness Review
D.Service Level Agreement (SLA) Review
Correct Answers: C

12: Which Service Management Function (SMF) has Network hardware configuration as a key concept?
A.Configuration Management
B.Infrastructure Management
C.Network Administration
D.Security Management
Correct Answers: C

13: Which of the following is one of the main inputs and outputs of the steps in the Risk Management Discipline?
A.Availability Plan
B.Capacity Plan
C.Retired Risks List
D.Security Risks List
Correct Answers: C

14: What ITILĀ  process maps to the optimizing quadrant?
A.Change Management
B.Incident Management
C.Security Administration
D.Service Level Management
Correct Answers: D

15: Which of the following is a key element of the Job Scheduling Service Management Function?
A.Batch architecture
B.Directory types
C.Fault Management
D.Infrastructure optimization
Correct Answers: A

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