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High Volume Storage Fundamentals V2: 000-955 Exam

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  • Exam Name: High Volume Storage Fundamentals V2
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1.What are the different types of Technical Delivery Assessment?
A. Self, Peer, and Expert
B. Pre-TDA, Post-TDA
C. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3
D. Pre-Sale, Pre-install, and Post-install
Answer: A

2.A customer wants to connect two Fibre Channel switches together resulting in one larger switch. How can this be accomplished.?
A. Create ZoneSets
B. Add a multi-protocol router
C. Enable Quality of Service
D. Configure ISL with full fabric enabled
Answer: D

3.Developers have requested 2 TB of storage from the storage administrator. The storage administrator has assigned the developers 200 GB of physical storage, but to the developers it appears as if they have 2 TB of storage. What is this technology called?
A. LUN Masking
B. Thick Provisioning
C. Thin Provisioning
D. Disk Partitioning
Answer: C

4.A customer is concerned with their ability to survive outages and provide business continuance. Which two of the following would help to determine a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? (Select two)
A. Recovery Point Objective
B. Storage Virtualization
C. Storage Tiering
D. Network Topology
E. Recovery Time Objective
Answer: A,E

5.Which of the following is a compelling value proposition of the DS3500 for a customer who is planning to provide SAN storage in the future?
A. adds auto-tiering functionality
B. delivers highly integrated IBM server and storage solutions
C. widest range of leading interface options increases flexibility and choice
D. converged networking capabilities meet application and energy requirements with the least investment
Answer: C

6.A company wants to store 20 TBs of archive data on 1 TB nearline SAS drives. Which RAID level will provide the highest level of protection and lowest RAID overhead for storing archive data?
D. RAID 10
Answer: B

7.Which IBM tool will allow the technical specialist to determine if the customer’s existing SAN and server infrastructure is supported with the proposed storage solution?
A. eConfig
B. System Sales Manual
C. Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool
D. System Support Interoperability Center
Answer: D

8.A customer has two DS3524 systems located in different sites. The sites have a dedicated Ethernet connection between them. They would like to use Enhanced Remote Mirroring. What protocol would be used to connect these systems?
Answer: B

9.What native physical capacity does an IBM Ultrium LTO-5 Data Cartridge Model provide?
A. 3 TB
B. 2 TB
C. 800 GB
D. 1.5 TB
Answer: D

10.A new IBM customer has purchased a TS3100 to back up their environment. The technical specialist must verify that the data center has adequate power and space for the new system. Which IBM tool should be utilized to verify compliance?
A. IBM Tape Magic
B. Technical Delivery Assessment
C. Tape Delivery Assessment
D. System Storage Interoperation Center
Answer: B