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Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2: 000-119 Exam

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  • Exam Name: Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2
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1.Which of the following actions allows the SAN Volume Controller to increase transactional performance?
A. create multiple quorum disks
B. stripe volumes across multiple RAID arrays
C. increase extent sizes
D. change the quorum disks to solid state
Answer: B

2.A customer has an existing environment based on traditional storage (dual controller storage systems). Currently, snapshots are used for point-in-time recovery of data, and full volume copies are taken for backup and development purposes. Which technology should IBM propose as an alternative, and why.?
A. XIV can provide more snapshots for greater granularity of recovery, with less performance impact
B. N series provides free of charge the ability to create writeable snapshots for use in development
C. IBM DS8000 series can create up to 16000 snapshots with no loss of performance
D. IBM DS8000 provides free of charge the ability to create writeable snapshots for use in development
Answer: A

3.The customer is interested in a TS7650G to improve backup/restore times. Which of the following will the storage specialist discuss to design a solution that meets the customer’s needs?
A. Backup Software: the vendor and capabilities of the existing backup software
B. SAN Connectivity: understanding how the TS7650G can be installed in an existing SAN environment.
C. Existing Tape Cartridges: the number and compressed capacity of the customer’s existing tape cartridges
D. NDMP Backups: understand how the TS7650G can interact with existing NDMP backups for filer and NAS product
Answer: B

4.What is the minimum frame configuration for a high availability TS3500 Tape Library configuration?
A. one L frame, one HA1 frame, and two D or S frames
B. one L frame, one HA1 frame
C. one service bay, one L frame, one HA1 frame
D. one L frame, two HA1 frames, one service bay
Answer: C

5.The IBM SAN768B and SAN384B switches have dedicated interlinks for the purpose of:
A. tightly linking multiple switches into a core fabric without losing port availability
B. tightly linking storage systems into the SAN core with high-performance trunking
C. linking highly available clustered host systems directly to the switches via trunked fibre ports
D. segregating fibre-attached tape libraries from the host SAN fabric
Answer: A

6.A customer currently has an XIV system installed using all six iSCSI ports. The performance is constrained by their network. What action could be used to increase the throughput of the XIV system?
A. enable jumbo frames
B. configure ether channel bonding
C. add CNAs to critical servers
D. add an additional interface module
Answer: A

7.Which of the following is one of the purposes of a SAN Volume Controller quorum disk?
A. to break a tie when exactly half the nodes in the cluster remain after a SAN failure
B. to break a tie when both controllers receive the same request
C. to ensure that any data in cache is flushed correctly after a node failure
D. to provide a reserve storage pool for cluster metadata
Answer: A

8.The IBM System Storage TS7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance supports emulation of up to how many of the following?
A. up to 6 virtual libraries, 128 virtual drives, and 110000 virtual cartridges
B. up to 12 virtual libraries, 256 virtual drives, and 128000 virtual cartridges
C. up to 18 virtual libraries, 64 virtual drives, and 55000 virtual cartridges
D. up to 24 virtual libraries, 512 virtual drives, and 256000 virtual cartridges
Answer: B

9.A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8800 and wants to reach the highest possible throughput in the back-end for a storage-pool-striped volume out of an extent pool with 8 ranks. Over how many device adapter pairs should a storage specialist spread the workload?
A. 8
B. 16
C. 32
D. 64
Answer: A

10.A customer has purchased a six module XIV and would like to present iSCSI and Fibre Channel LUNs to their hosts. How many iSCSI connections can the customer use with a six module XIV system?
A. 6
B. 4
C. 2
D. 0
Answer: D

11.Which IBM storage product is offering Easy Tier technology?
C. DS8700
D. ProtecTIER 7650
Answer: C

12.The customer is considering an IBM System Storage DS8000. Which of the following indicates a requirement for the Business Partner to perform a TDA?
A. capacity above 500 TB
B. first in customer location
C. a new model has been released
D. sold without implementation service
Answer: B

13.Which of the following is a benefit of the IBM Long Term File System (LTFS)?
A. management of the library files
B. management of the encryption keys and archives
C. helps to reduce tape, file management and archive costs
D. helps to control the write speed matching on LTO-4 drives
Answer: C

14.A customer is looking to maintain a large-sized mixed workload environment on enterprise storage. EMC has demonstrated F. A .S.T. automated tiering to the customer. How should the storage specialist respond?
A. Easy Tier running on DS8000 provides automatic tiering based on workload patterns
B. automated tiering with F.
A.S.T. requires a doubling of cache and impacts performance
C. automated tiering with F.
A.S.T. is based on stub-redirection and is therefore inherently unstable
D. Softek TDMF provides a viable automated tiering solution which is more cost-effective than F. A.S.T.
Answer: A

15.When is it necessary for a TDA to be conducted on an installed IBM DS8800?
A. when installing SSD drives
B. when adding a new workload
C. when installing SATA drives
D. when adding more Linux hosts
Answer: A

16.Which of the following provides Fibre Channel over IP and FCIP Tunneling Service for distance extension, which can enable cost-effective and manageable metro and global business continuity solutions?
A. IBM System Storage SAN8OB-4
B. IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)
C. IBM System Storage SANO4B-R Multi-Protocol Router
D. IBM System Storage TS7650G ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway
Answer: C

17.A customer plans to install ten Microsoft Windows servers, three Linux servers, and five AIX servers, with two Fibre Channel host bus adapters each as part of an IBM DS8700 implementation. What multipathing driver is required to build a redundant solution?
Answer: B

18.A customer needs to achieve a very aggressive RTO of 30 minutes or less. A critical requirement is a continuous availability and disaster recovery solution for the mainframe environment. What IBM solution should be recommended to this customer?
A. Metro Mirror
B. Metro/Global Mirror
C. Geographically Dispersed Open Servers (GDOS)
D. Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS)
Answer: D

19.Which storage system is this statement describing: A high-end, disk storage system with a virtualized grid architecture designed to eliminate the complexity of storage administration and make managing storage easy.
A. XIV system
C. DS8800
D. N series
Answer: A

20.By default, who is responsible for firmware and software updates of an SVC solution?
A. the customer
B. IBM customer engineer
C. certified IBM Business Partner
D. IBM Maintenance and Technology Support organization
Answer: A