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IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 Fundamentals: 000-036 Exam

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  • Exam Name: IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 Fundamentals
  • Updated: February 20, 2012
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1.In addition to the Asset tab, on which other tab can an asset hierarchy be created?
A. Features
B. Spare Parts
C. Relationships
D. Specifications
Answer: B

2.Which item would most likely be considered a rotating asset.?
A. valve
B. water line
C. small bolt
D. fire extinguisher
Answer: D

3.What are three ways a Purchase Order can be created? (Choose three.)
B. Master Contracts
C. Desktop Requisition
D. Issues and Transfers
E. Purchase Requisition
F. Inventory Reorder Point
Answer: AEF

4.When creating a classification involving this scheme, what is the correct parent classification path for conveyor issues?6 production issue / 601 product transport / 60101 conveyor issues / 6010101 conveyor stopped
A. 601
B. 60101
C. 6 / 601
D. 6 / 601 / 60101
Answer: C

5.In which application are logical systems created?
A. Assets application
B. Inventory application
C. Locations application
D. Item Master application
Answer: C

6.A manufacturing company wants to implement a preventive maintenance strategy for the monthly inspection of 300 fire extinguishers. Each fire extinguisher is an asset and they are identical so each one utilizes the same job plan. Additional goals are to minimize the number of monthly work orders and track the inspection completion date of each asset.When creating the route, what would be the best selection for the option: “When this Route is Applied to a Work Order, the Route Stops will Become”?
A. Work Order Tasks
B. Child Work Orders
C. Sequenced Job Plans
D. entries in the Work Order’s Multi Asset, Location and CI table
Answer: A

7.Which statement is true about a service request?
A. All associated work orders have the relationship of Related.
B. Associated work orders inherit the asset associated with the service request.
C. Work orders created from a service request can be deleted from the Related Records tab.
D. Associated work orders can be classed as: ACTIVITY, CHANGE, RELEASE, WORKORDER.
Answer: B

8.What is the automation of routing records called in IBM Maximo Asset Management?
A. Routes
B. Workflow
C. Work Process
D. Business Rules Routing
Answer: B

9.What is the expected result of clicking the Select Craft button on this work order under Plans tab > Labor sub tab?
A. It results in an error message.
B. The Select Craft dialog box opens.
C. The task 10 line expands for craft selection.
D. New rows are added to the Labor sub tab based on selections from the Select Craft dialog box.
Answer: A

10.Which application associates a service request to a work order?
A. Activities and Tasks
B. Work Order Tracking
C. Assignment Manager
D. Service Level Agreements
Answer: B

11.When adding a craft and skill to a labor record, which two optional data elements can be entered?
(Choose two.)
A. Rate
B. Shift
C. Supervisor
D. Skill Level
E. Default Storeroom
Answer: AD

12.Which statement best defines an item kit?
A. A collection of items that are used as a single unit.
B. Items common to multiple organizations within a company.
C. Individual serialized assets that are defined by a common item number.
D. A collection of parts and subassemblies that are needed to build an asset.
Answer: A

13.In which application can items be directly added to a storeroom?
A. Inventory
B. Storerooms
C. Item Master
D. Issues and Transfers
Answer: C

14.Which statement is true about a Purchase Request (PR)?
A. A PR must be approved to become a Purchase Order.
B. Multiple Bill To values can be applied to a multiple line PR.
C. A single PR line can be copied to multiple Purchase Orders lines.
D. On an internal PR, a storeroom is specified as the Vendor on the PR tab.
Answer: D

15.Which three buttons are found on the Search toolbar on the List tab? (Choose three.)
A. Bookmarks
B. Create KPI
C. Save Query
D. New Search
E. Delete Query
F. Advanced Search
Answer: ACF