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IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 Implementation: 000-027 Exam

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  • Exam Code: 000-027
  • Exam Name: IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 Implementation
  • Updated: February 2, 2012
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1: Which menu option must be used to grant a user the authority to add or remove users to one or more Security Groups?
A.Security Controls
B.Database Access
C.Set Security Profile
D.Authorize Group Reassignment
Correct Answers: D

2: Which three properties can be added in the Classifications application? (Choose three.)
F.Units of Measure
Correct Answers: C D F

3: Which three options are true about Maximo Views? (Choose three.)
A.They are stored as Persistent Objects.
B.They are stored as Non-Persistent Objects.
C.They are stored as Queries upon saving the record.
D.They cannot be created for Objects that are E-audit enabled.
E.They are a subset of the database that an application can process.
F.They may contain subsets of any IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 database tables.
Correct Answers: D E F

4: When creating an escalation, how will one make it system-wide?
A.identify a site
B.identify an organization
C.include a communication template
D.leave the Organization and Site fields blank
Correct Answers: D

5: With which option is the E-mail Listener polling frequency associated?
A.the E-mail staging
B.the individual cron task
C.the individual cron task instance
D.the E-mail Listener configuration
Correct Answers: C

6: When creating a communication template, one defines from where in IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 the template is accessible by choosing a value in the Accessible From field. What value will be placed in the Accessible From field to allow access from all applications except escalations and workflow?
Correct Answers: C

7: When creating a new application, what are the three application types to choose? (Choose three.)
A.Power Application
B.Tool Bar Application
C.Signature Application
D.Self Service Application
E.Single Page Application
F.Crossover Domain Application
Correct Answers: A D E

8: An administrator has selected several actions in a new Quick Insert portlet for a new Start Center, such as “New Person” and “New User”. They add the Start Center template to an existing Security Group, is able to see the new portlet in the Start Center, but does not see the actions for any of the users in the Security Group. Why is the user not able to see these actions?
A.The affected users have not updated the Start Center Template.
B.Access to the appropriate applications has not been selected in the Security Group.
C.The appropriate options within the applications have not been selected in the Security Group.
D.The affected users do not have read access for the Start Center to access the defined actions.
Correct Answers: C

9: Which resource allows for the definition of premium pay codes and outside rates?
D.Person Groups
Correct Answers: B

10: In a routing type workflow process, on which nodes does IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 use the information specified to deliver the record to individuals?
A.Condition and Task
B.Manual Input and Task
C.Interaction and Manual Input
D.Manual Input and Subprocess
Correct Answers: B

11: Through which action are Currency Codes created? New Row in Currency Codes application Action Currency Codes in the Database Configuration application an Organization in the Currency Codes application and add a new row the Base Currency lookup in the Organizations application and add a new row
Correct Answers: A

12: The IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 administrator creates a new Start Center with updated Key Performance Indicators. Which application must be used to associate the Start Center to users?
D.Security Groups
Correct Answers: D

13: Which three statements are true about SYNONYM domain functionality? (Choose three.)
A.New SYNONYM domain values must be associated with an existing internal value.
B.SYNONYM domain values can be added to meet a site’s unique business processes.
C.SYNONYM domains can be added to meet an organization’s unique business processes.
D.New SYNONYM domain internal values must be associated with one or more values for which a synonym is wanted.
E.New SYNONYM domain values are used to replace IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 (IMAM) internal values associated to IMAM business rules.
F.SYNONYM domains contain internal values associated to IMAM business rules.
Correct Answers: A B F

14: A company has three shifts scheduled each weekday (DAY from 5:45 AM till 2:15 PM, EVENING from 1:45 PM till 10:15 PM, and NIGHT from 9:45 PM till 6:15 AM), and only one shift in the weekend (WEEKEND from 8:00 AM till 4:30 PM). The company wants to limit the number of calendars used and to be able to assign the shifts to all employees. To meet the above requirements, which calendars and shifts does the administrator need to create?
A.create four new calendars, four shifts, and apply each shift to a separate calendar
B.create one new calendar, four shifts, and apply all four shifts to the single calendar
C.create one new calendar, a weekday shift, a weekend shift, and apply both shifts to the single calendar
D.create a day, evening, and night shift, apply these shifts to a weekday calendar, and create a weekend shift and apply the shift to a weekend calendar
Correct Answers: B

15: Which two statements are true about cron tasks? (Choose two.)
A.A cron task must be Active before it can run.
B.Creating cron tasks requires creation of custom class files.
C.Each cron task instance has an entry in the CRONTASK table.
D.A cron task instance runs without user interaction and following a schedule.
E.To enable all or selected instances to run, modify the file.
Correct Answers: B D

16: Which three conditions are required to create an organization? (Choose three.) least one Site least one Address least one Item Set least one GL Account least one Company Set least one Currency Code
Correct Answers: C E F

17: When creating a new rotating asset, what is the correct sequence of steps?
A.create an asset, then set the type as Rotating
B.define a storeroom for Rotating parts, then create an asset
C.create an item as Rotating, then create an asset using the item number
D.create an asset, then create an item as Rotating using the asset number
Correct Answers: C

18: Which two statements about items and assets in IBM Maximo Asset Management V6.2 are true? (Choose two.)
A.An asset may also be a tool.
B.An asset may also be an item.
C.An item exists at the organization level.
D.An asset may be defined as condition-enabled.
E.An item may be assigned to the location hierarchy.
Correct Answers: A B

19: What is defined by using Condition Monitoring?
D.Measurement Points
Correct Answers: D

20: One is updating the Failure Codes and needs to add a new set of values to the hierarchy. What is the correct order that the code types must be entered in to the hierarchy?
A.Causes, Problems
B.Remedies, Problems
C.Remedies, Causes, Problems
D.Problems, Causes, Remedies
Correct Answers: D

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