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Which nzload operation statement is correct?

A.    nzload must have a control file.
B.    nzload performs singleton inserts.
C.    nzload user must have CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE privilege.
D.    nzload must be run from the PureData System for Analytics host.

Answer: C

Name the CLI application that allows you to load data from ASCII files to database tables?

A.    nzload
B.    loadmgr
C.    nzimport
D.    nzrestore

Answer: A

You have access to two databases, DEV and PROD. Currently you are connected to the DEV database. Which operation is permitted?

A.    Delete from PROD..TableA
B.    Select * from PROD..TableA
C.    Truncate table PROD..TableA
D.    Insert into PROD..TableA select * from DEV..TableB

Answer: B

Which statement is true?

A.    MATERIALIZED VIEWS can be run against EXTERNAL tables.
B.    GENERATE STATISTICS can be run against EXTERNAL tables.
C.    EXTERNAL table data is deleted using the SQL DELETE command.
D.    EXTERNAL tables can be used to unload data to a Microsoft Windows directory.

Answer: D

What is required to troubleshoot a query?

A.    nzevents and the pg.log.
B.    nzsql and the ODBC config.
C.    nzinventory and the dbos.log.
D.    nzdumpschema and the execution plan.

Answer: D

A SELECT statement spends all its time returning 1 billion rows. What can be done to make this faster?

A.    Use a CURSOR.
B.    Use an EXTERNAL table.
C.    Use the COPY command.
D.    Increase the PreFetch Count.

Answer: B

What function can nzbackup perform?

A.    Back up pg.log files.
B.    Back up TEMP tables.
C.    Back up host data (catalog metadata).
D.    Back up the data using the specified number of streams.

Answer: D

nzbackup/nzrestore with the -user option has been replaced with which option to allow multi-level security (MLS) information, such as categories, cohorts, and levels to be backed up/restored?

A.    -all
B.    -mls
C.    -users
D.    -globals

Answer: D

When loading a local ASCII file into table via an external table, where can the SQL be submitted?

A.    From a User Defined Function.
B.    From a JDBC application networked to the system.
C.    From nzsql on an AIX machine networked to the system.
D.    From nzsql on Microsoft Windows networked to the system.

Answer: B

Which is NOT a function that can be performed by nzbackup?

A.    Backup data
B.    Backup schemas
C.    Backup users/groups
D.    Backup the /nz/data directory

Answer: D

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