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As a consultant in your company, you are required to set up names and details of schools, colleges, universities, and so on, so that users can select from this list when entering their qualifications such as degrees.
Identify the correct setup task in FSM > Define Workplace Profiles.

A.    Define Telnet > manage Profile Types
B.    Define Telnet Profile Content > Manage Content Subscribers
C.    Define Telnet Profile Content > Manage Profile Content Items
D.    Define Telnet Profile Content > Manage Educational Establishments

Answer: D

You are implementing Oracle Fusion HCM and feel users may find it useful to be reminded of the effective date whenever they open a window where they can enter or change date-tracked information.
You plan to implement the user profile option called “DateTrack: Reminder” that determines when the decision window appear to ask users if they want to change the effective date.
Identify the three possible values for this profile.

A.    Once
B.    Never
C.    Not now
D.    Not Today
E.    Always

Answer: ABE

There are two legal employers identified for your current application implementation.
The legal employers have inherited the number generation method set at the enterprise.
However, there is a need to override the number generation method at the legal employer level.
Identify two options where an override can be done.

A.    No condition. The worker generation method Can be changed to automatic at any time.
B.    The employment model selected should be a two-tier one.
C.    No employee or contingent worker work relationships should exist for that legal employer.
D.    The employment model selected should be a three-tier one.
E.    Manual worker-number generation for a legal employer can be selected any time.

Answer: CD
All legal employers automatically inherit the enterprise number-generation method. You can override the number-generation method at the legal employer level, as follows:
– (C) You can select automatic worker-number generation for a legal employer, provided that no employee or contingent worker work relationships exist for that legal employer.
– (E) You can select manual worker-number generation for a legal employer at any time.
Reference: Oracle Fusion Applications Workforce Deployment Implementation Guide 11g, Setting the Number-Generation Method for a Legal Employer

You hired a female employee on January 1, 2011. This employee got married on June 12, 2011. You received a request from the employee on July 11, 2012 to change her last name from the date of her marriage.
You changed the last name of the employee as requested on the same day.
What is the effective start date of personal details displayed by the system as of August 15, 2011?

A.    June 12, 2011
B.    July 11, 2011
C.    January 1, 2011
D.    August 15, 2011

Answer: A

While Implementing Oracle Fusion HCM you would like to use all the seeded Action types available.
Identify four valid Seeded Action Types that can be used for this Implementation.

A.    Hire an employee
B.    Hire Contractor
C.    Leave of Absence
D.    Promotion
E.    Global Transfer
F.    Termination

Answer: ACDF

Identify the work structure that shows the relative rank, level, and status of an employee.

A.    Grade Ladder
B.    Grade Rates
C.    Payscales
D.    Grade step progression
E.    Grade

Answer: A

Your organization is a large scale manufacturing company currently using Oracle Applications 12.1.1 (EBS R12) for HR, payroll, and Benefits.
You have a number of customizations in EBS R12.
You have decided to upgrade the HR landscape to Oracle Fusion but because the volume of data is huge, you are concerned about data movement, security, and data integrity.
As a Functional Consultant, what would you suggest?

A.    Redo the configuration for the entire setup data in Oracle fusion. Adopt conversion process for transaction data.
B.    Adopt Oracle Fusion Data Migration solution to move HR setup and transaction data. There is no delivered solution available for Payroll and Benefits data migration.
C.    Propose a new data migration solution because there is no delivered solution available for upgrades.
D.    Adopt the Oracle Fusion Data Migration solution to move HR, Payroll, and Benefits setup and transaction data. Extend the Oracle solution for custom data migration.

Answer: D

As an HR Specialist in your company, you are responsible to set up the Performance rating model.
You navigate to Manage Ratings Model and select seeded “Performance Rating Model”.
Out of the four tabs available to update, the Review Points tab is used only by which Oracle Fusion product?

A.    Goal Management
B.    Compensation Management
C.    Performance Management
D.    Talent Review

Answer: C

Fusion security authorizes end users to access which securable application artifacts created using Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF)?

A.    Individual permissions to access work areas, dashboards, task flows, pages, reports batch programs, and BI subject areas
B.    Individual permission to reset their password for the login application
C.    Set of users requesting access based on the job level
D.    Multiuser permission with validation of password length, alphanumeric, and special character usage
E.    individual permission to access web services and webpages only

Answer: C

As an implementation consultant, you are involved in the migration activity.
If, during the premigration stage, the duplicate person records are merged, can you state the reason for this?

A.    because person records are global in Fusion
B.    because person records are dependent on legislation
C.    because one person can have only one work relationship
D.    because person records are not Global in fusion

Answer: A

Which three are free-form content types of Profile Management?

A.    Honors and Awards
B.    Accomplishments
C.    Languages
D.    Potential
E.    Career Preferences

Answer: ABC

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