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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-530
Exam Name: Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Essentials

The Connector Framework resides on________.
A.    Oracle Management Service (OMS)
B.    Oracle Fusion Middleware
C.    Grid Control console
D.    Memory Access Module

Answer: A

Enterprise Manager beacons are a feature of which 11g management pack?

A.    Provisioning and Patch Automation
B.    Database Diagnostics
C.    Configuration Management
D.    Real User Experience Insight

Answer: C

What is needed to establish monitoring of SSL-encrypted HTTP traffic?

A.    Monitoring of SSL traffic is not supported by RUEI.
B.    Installation of an SSL decryption card is required in the RUEI server.
C.    A copy of the SSL key and certificate need to be uploaded to RUEI.
D.    RUEI should negotiate a private SSL key/certificate pair with each Web server.

Answer: C

Which could be used to identify the top pages in a Web application?

A.    Service Level Management Pack
B.    Real User Experience Insight
C.    Configuration Management Pack
D.    WebLogic Management Pack

Answer: C

Which Pack includes JVM Diagnostics (formerly AD4J)?

A.    Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Middleware
B.    Database Diagnostics Pack
C.    Configuration Management Pack
D.    Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack

Answer: A

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