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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-226
Exam Name: Oracle E-Business Suite R12: Inventory and Order Management Fundamentals

Which data is provided by Oracle Purchasing to Oracle Inventory?
A.    ATP supply, planning supply, and requisition information
B.    items, requisition, and interorganization shipment information
C.    receipts/deliveries and interorganization shipment information
D.    receipts/deliveries, ATP supply, and planning supply information
E.    receipts/deliveries, units of measure, ATP supply, and planning supply information

Answer: D

For which three transaction types can picking rules be created? (Choose three.)

A.    PO Receipt
B.    Sales Order
C.    Cycle Count
D.    Work-in-process jobs
E.    Miscellaneous Receipt
F.    Move Order Replenishment
G.    Physical Inventory Adjustment

Answer: BDF

Identify the setup step that will allow the application user to access the Scheduling Find tab and the Scheduling Organizer window, but not other tabs within the Order Organizer-that is, Order Information, Line Information, Advanced, and Holds Information.

A.    Assign a restrictive shipping role to the user in question.
B.    Set the profile option OM: Scheduling Role to CSR only.
C.    Set the profile option OM: Scheduling Role to Scheduler only.
D.    Set the profile option OM: Scheduling Role to CSR and Scheduler.

Answer: C

Identify three valid sources of Inventory Supply. (Choose three.)

A.    Unapproved Move Orders
B.    Approved Requisition Lines
C.    Miscellaneous Transactions
D.    Approved Purchase Order Lines
E.    Sales Order Lines in Entered status
F.    WIP Work Orders in Released status
G.    Sales Orders Lines in Scheduled status

Answer: BDF

ACME corporation sells products that are made in batches. Often, batch runs yield quantities that are less than the customers’ ordered quantity. The customers accept shipments for quantities less than order quantities and consider their order fulfilled when the shipment quantity is within ten percent of the order quantity. Which configuration enables this business rule?

A.    Set the profile option "OM: Under Return Tolerance" to 10 at the site level.
B.    Set the profile option "OM: Under Shipment Tolerance" to 10 at the site level.
C.    Set the profile option "OM: Under Shipment Tolerance" to 90 at the site level.
D.    Set the profile option "OM: Under Shipment Tolerance" to 110 at the site level.

Answer: B

An item reserved at the S/N level is associated with ________.


Answer: B

When setting up order transaction types, which is the first setup step required?

A.    Create the Order Transaction type.
B.    Create a document sequence for orders.
C.    Create the Line Transaction type for order lines.
D.    Create the Line Transaction type for return lines.
E.    Assign line flows to the Order Transaction Type.
F.    Assign the Order transaction type to the document sequence.

Answer: A

Customer acceptance is applicable for which four order types or models. (Choose four.)

A.    kits
B.    returns
C.    internal orders
D.    retro bill orders
E.    ATO/PTO models
F.    standard orders with service items
G.    standard orders with standard items

Answer: AEFG

Company ABC has a factory that is set up as an inventory organization with several subinventories. Each of the subinventories has locators. The factory purchases material using a purchase order. The person who receives the purchase order does not know which subinventory and locator the material needs to go to. ABC wants the subinventory and locator to be automatically populated for that item. Which option would solve the problem?

A.    Populate the completion subinventory and locator on the routing for that item.
B.    Use the restrict subinventory and restrict locator flag on the Item Master record of that item.
C.    Populate the supply subinventory and locator fields on the Item Master record for the purchased item.
D.    Use the Item Transactions Default form to create default subinventory and locators for the purchased item.

Answer: D

You are the warehouse manager for a distributor of electronics equipment. A customer service representative wants you to expedite the shipping of order number 16428 for one of your very important customers. You go to Oracle Shipping execution to view the order status in the Shipping Transactions form. The products requested on this order do not need any packing. View the Exhibit and choose the appropriate action.

A.    Go to Actions > Auto-Pack.
B.    Go to Actions > Autocreate Trip.
C.    Go to Actions > Assign To Deliveries.
D.    Go to Actions > Launch Pick Release.
E.    Go to Actions > Unassign From Deliveries.

Answer: D

Allowing a negative on hand balance is set at __________.

A.    the Entity Level
B.    the Subinventory Level
C.    the Operating Unit Level
D.    the Item Master Inventory Level
E.    the Inventory Organization Level

Answer: E

Your client manufactures and sells material from four different manufacturing locations. The client has these requirements:

Requirement 1:
When a customer calls to return a product, the client needs to know which plant produced the material.

Requirement 2:
Product manufactured within a plant needs to be tracked uniquely.

Which criteria would meet the clients needs?

A.    Set up lot control at the organization level and use a prefix.
B.    Set up lot control at the item level and use a prefix for the lot number.
C.    Create one locator for each product and produce the item to that locator.
D.    Create part numbers for each customer to know which part number is ordered.

Answer: A

Which three statements are true about the Move Order process? (Choose three.)

A.    Requisition and pick release orders are pre-approved.
B.    Replenishment and pick wave move orders are pre-approved.
C.    Requisition and pick release orders are pre-approved and require inspection.
D.    If no planner is specified for the item, the requisition line is automatically approved.
E.    If no approvals are required in your organization, set the inventory organization parameters Timeout Period to 0 and the Timeout Action to Approve Automatically.

Answer: BDE

Select the four correct statements. (Choose four.)

A.    A receiving subinventory is required in Oracle.
B.    A subinventory can span multiple organizations.
C.    A subinventory cannot be used with Locator Control.
D.    A subinventory can be a physical or a logical grouping.
E.    A subinventory location is required for all inventory transactions.
F.    A subinventory can be the primary place where items are stocked.
G.    A subinventory location can never be deleted from the Oracle inventory.

Answer: DEFG

Which statement is true about delivery lines?

A.    Delivery lines cannot be split in shipping transactions.
B.    Delivery lines cannot be shipped on the same delivery if they are from different orders.
C.    Delivery lines must be booked and scheduled in Order Management in order to appear in shipping transactions.
D.    Delivery lines that have been assigned to a delivery must be back-ordered in order to assign a different delivery number.

Answer: C

You are implementing Oracle Inventory for XYZ Motor Mfg (XYZ). XYZ want to track all the motors shipped to customer ABC. They would like to generate and assign a unique number for each motor during the sales order shipment. This would be useful for them to track the motors easily during the return process. What is the setup or process to achieve this objective?

A.    Enable lot control at the item level. Prefix the lot with AB and ship those lots to ABC customer.
B.    Enable serial control at the organization item level. Prefix serial with AB. Set up serial generation at receipt.
C.    Enable serial control at the organization item level. Prefix serial with AB. Set up serial generation as no control.
D.    Enable serial control at the organization item level. Prefix serial with AB. Set up serial generation as predefined.
E.    Enable serial control at the organization item level. Prefix serial with AB. Set up serial generation at the sales order issue.

Answer: E

Identify the two statements that directly relate to material status control. (Choose two.)

A.    A material status can be enabled or disabled as required.
B.    The material status is defaulted when using Order Management.
C.    A serial number can be assigned a status that excludes it from reservations.
D.    A material status is a combination of transactions and planning actions that are allowed.
E.    If status control is not enabled for a transaction type, the transaction type is always allowed.

Answer: DE

The Account Alias Name flexfield cannot exceed _____ characters.

A.    20
B.    15
C.    25
D.    30
E.    45
F.    180

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about the Managing Shipments process? (Choose two.)

A.    You can update information pertaining to the shipment header and the shipment lines.
B.    You can access all incoming and outgoing in-transit shipments between inventory organizations associated with the current organization.
C.    In-transit shipment between inventory organizations must use the receipt routing specified at the item, organization, or system level.
D.    If you change the Expected Receipt date, you can control whether Purchasing updates Shipment Supply to reflect the new due date.

Answer: AB

Select the three permissions for setting Basic Pricing profile options. (Choose three.)

A.    View
B.    Delete
C.    Administer
D.    Read Only
E.    No Access
F.    View and Update

Answer: AEF

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