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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-093
Exam Name: HP-UX High Availability

Use the information provided in the Cluster Configuration Diagram to answer the following question.
Which commands can be used to build a cluster configuration file under /etc/cmcluster called cluster.ascii. Select TWO.


A.    cmquerycl -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n -n
B.    cmquerycl -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n -n -v
C.    cmmakecl -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n shrek -n fiona
D.    cmmakecl -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n shrek -n fiona -v
E.    cmquerycl -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n shrek -n fiona
F.    cmquerycl -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.ascii -n shrek -n fiona -v

Answer: EF

In the context of high availability, which phrase describes mean time to failure?

A.    the amount of time to indefinitely restart a failed service
B.    the amount of time a system can provide service without failure
C.    the amount of time to stop a service after a failure has been experienced
D.    the amount of time to resume service after a failure has been experienced

Answer: B

In the context of high availability, what is the affect of split-brain syndrome?

A.    different applications accessing the same disks simultaneously
B.    two clusters initiate an application that accesses the same disks
C.    different users of an application accessing the same disks consecutively
D.    two sub-clusters initiated from a single cluster without knowledge of each other

Answer: D

While performing a rolling Serviceguard software upgrade, which statements are true? Select TWO.

A.    You need at least two nodes running the same Serviceguard release.
B.    You must change the cluster configuration as each node is updated.
C.    You cannot change the cluster configuration files.
D.    You may have up to three versions of Serviceguard running.
E.    You cannot use the new features of the new Serviceguard release.

Answer: CE

Click the Exhibit button. Based on the cmviewcl output, how many times can the package service oracle9i be restarted for package ora_pkg?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    3
E.    unlimited

Answer: B

A server node in an Serviceguard cluster contains three LAN interface cards; two 100baseT Ethernet NICs and one 1000baseT gigabit Ethernet NIC, with the intent of providing a high speed data LAN with redundancy. What is a consequence of this LAN configuration?

A.    The NICs for the data LAN and failover LAN must be identical.
B.    The gigabit Ethernet and the 100baseT NICs cannot share the same subnet.
C.    Three NICs are insufficient to provide redundancy for both the data and the heartbeat LAN.
D.    The data packet size on the gigabit Ethernet is larger than the 1000baseT NIC and therefore will cause additional network latency.

Answer: A

What is the correct way to shutdown node_a when it is part of a two node cluster? Current snapshot of the cluster:
node_a – pkg1 running
node_b – pkg2 running

A.    [node_a]#: cmhaltpkg pkg1
[node_b]#: cmhaltnode -f
[node_b]#: cmrunpkg -n node_b pkg1
[node_a]#: shutdown -h 0
B.    [node_a]#: cmhaltpkg pkg1
[node_b]#: cmrunpkg -n node_b pkg1
[node_a]#: cmhaltnode
[node_a]#: shutdown -h 0
C.    [node_b]#: cmhaltpkg pkg2
[node_a]#: cmhaltcl -f
[node_b]#: cmrunpkg -n node_b pkg1
[node_a]#: shutdown -h 0
D.    [node_b]#: cmhaltpkg pkg1
[node_a]#: cmhaltcl -f
[node_ b]#: cmrunpkg -n node_b pkg1
[node_a]#: shutdown -h 0

Answer: B

Which commands move a package called pkg to the alternate nodeB?

A.    cmhaltpkg; cmrunpkg pkg
B.    cmhaltpkg; cmmvpkg -n nodeB pkg
C.    cmhaltpkg; cmrunpkg pkg; cmmodpkg -e pkg
D.    cmhaltpkg; cmrunpkg -n nodeB pkg; cmmodpkg -e pkg

Answer: D

What is the function of the lock disk in a Serviceguard cluster?

A.    ensures that Quorum occurs for a cluster formation
B.    determines which node becomes the cluster coordinator
C.    keeps track of which volume groups are activated on each node
D.    avoids the cluster splitting into two running clusters and corrupting data

Answer: D

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