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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP5-H01D
Exam Name: Delta – Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions

What is a primary consideration for purchasing an All-in One Smart Zero Client?

A.    Data transfer rate
B.    Power efficiency
C.    Small screen size
D.    Small footprint

Answer: B
Explanation: f (page 1)

How can you address a customer who is considering repurposing desktop computers for a virtualization environment rather than replacing them with HP Thin Clients? (Select two.)

A.    The setup costs alone required to ensure security are not worth the savings. This includes reprogramming hard drives, deactivating USB ports, and deactivating removable media drives.
B.    The saving is not worth the continued desk-side support for aging moving PC parts that increase the probability of failure and down time.
C.    Repurposing saves money in the short term, but the Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) decrease over time with costs in energy efficiency, productivity, and risk of downtime.
D.    Repurposing old desktops is a good idea to save money in acquisition making it possible to start the transition and realize the benefits sooner.
E.    Repurposing old desktop is good way to save the environment by using fewer resources and saving space in the landfill.
F.    It is better to repurpose the old desktops as servers in the systems to take advantage of their computing power and then add HP Thin Clients for users.

Answer: BC

Which statement is true about the thin client operating system choice for the HP t510?

A.    It is flexible, allowing customers to choose the most appropriate hardware platform regardless of operating system requirements.
B.    It requires Microsoft Windows Vista even though the customer’s environment might use other operating systems.
C.    It requires Microsoft Windows Thin Client 12, which is the most popular among large customers.
D.    It requires Microsoft Windows 8 Server to be installed on the HP Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure server.

Answer: A

Your customer is opening a new customer service call center. They are seeking a low cost, dual display solution that will work exceptionally well in a VMware environment using PCoIP. What HP Thin Client would you recommend?

A.    T310 Zero Client
B.    T410 All-in One Smart Zero Client
C.    T510 Thin Client
D.    T610 Thin Client

Answer: B
Explanation: (See page 1 for dual display and page 3 for PCoIP)

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