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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-M58
Exam Name: HP Software Testing Foundation 11

What does this icon in the Requirements module represent?


A.    Requirements: Attachments
B.    Requirements: Requirement Details
C.    Requirements: Select Columns
D.    Requirements: Send by Email

Answer: B

What does the Execution report list do?

A.    the test sets that appear in the Test Lab module, without listing their tests
B.    the test instances with their testing status
C.    the requirements in the Requirement module
D.    the tests in the Test Plan module

Answer: B
Explanation: image on the page)

Which Quality Center module manages libraries and baselines?

A.    Baseline module
B.    Management module
C.    Librariesmodule
D.    Requirement module

Answer: C
Explanation: 275)

When is test said to be economical?

A.    Each test should have a distinct objective, such as verifying a specific function or system requirement.
B.    Test Plan A test must include only the necessary steps and fields that are needed for its purpose.
C.    Each iteration of the test must execute consistently.
D.    A test must be appropriate for its testers and its environment.

Answer: A

Which menu provides the Document Generator option?

A.    Analysis
B.    Report
C.    Tools
D.    Dashboard

Answer: C
Explanation: PDF#outer_page_504(page 504)

The Traceability Matrix lists the number of relationships for each source requirement. Which type of value in this matrix implies that the source requirement is not associated with enough requirements or tests?

A.    a high value
B.    a low value
C.    a negative value
D.    a zero value

Answer: B

Which statement is true?

A.    A release start date and end date must encompass the cycle start dates only.
B.    Cycles may exist independent of one another.
C.    Cycle dates cannot overlap with each other.
D.    A release start date and end date must encompass the cycle end dates only.

Answer: A

Which ALM add-in provides a variety of tools to assist in the manual testing process?

A.    Quality Center Connectivity
B.    Quality Center System Test Remote Agent
C.    Sprinter
D.    ALM add-ins

Answer: C
Explanation: 120)

Which module under Testing enables you to develop and manage tests in a hierarchical tree- structure?

A.    Test Lab
B.    Test Plan
C.    Business Components
D.    Test Resources

Answer: A

When using HP Sprinter, what enables the selection of rows of data to be sent automatically to relevant locations in a form?

A.    annotating a screen capture
B.    data injection
C.    macros
D.    mirroring

Answer: B
Explanation: 24)

Which value in the Compare Baseline tool indicates that there is a difference in the entity between the baselines?

A.    Added
B.    Absent
C.    Moved
D.    Modified

Answer: D

Which defect status indicates that the defect has been resolved but it is pending approval by the testing team?

A.    New
B.    Fixed
C.    Reopen
D.    Open

Answer: D

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