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You are considering implementing iPrint on your network. Your network has 3 NetWare servers in the WIDGET-TREE eDirectory tree. The servers reside in separate eDirectory contexts. The network is configured to use the IPX protocol. The workstations in your organization run Windows XP Professional and Linux. Can you use iPrint in this environment?

A.    Yes, all prerequisites have been met.
B.    No, iPrint doesn’t support Linux workstations.
C.    No, iPrint is not compatible with the IPX protocol.
D.    No, iPrint is not compatible with Windows XP Professional.
E.    No, you can only implement iPrint on servers that reside in the same eDirectory context.

Answer: C

Which are features of an iPrint controlled access printer? (Choose 2.)

A.    Requires minimal administrative action.
B.    Is not bound by eDirectory security rules.
C.    Represented by an object in the eDirectory tree.
D.    Available only to users who have rights to use it.
E.    Immediately accessible upon creation by all users in the network.

Answer: CD

Click the Point and Click button to begin.
Your eDirectory user name is rhugie.SLC .DA, but your local workstation user name is randyh. Click on the option in the Novell Client that will allow you to enter your local user name and password.
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Answer: Click the “Windows”

User BDevries has access to his manager’s confidential files located on the HR volume on the DA2 NetWare server. Upon inspection, you discover that his user object has all file system rights to the root directory of the HR volume. You determine that BDevries has the Supervisor effective right to the DA2 server object in the eDirectory tree. What should you check to identify where these rights are coming from? (Choose 2.)

A.    Groups BDevries is a member of.
B.    List objects associated with BDevries.
C.    Alias objects associated with BDevries.
D.    Template objects associated with BDevries.
E.    Organizational roles BDevries is an occupant of.
F.    NDSPredicateStats objects associated with BDevries.

Answer: AE

You’ve just created an A record in your organization’s DNS server for your iPrint server. The DNS record resolves to your iPrint server’s IP address, which is Your Print Manager’s name is PRMAN. You need to load your Print Manager software on the server with domain name support enabled. Which server console command will do this?


Answer: C

You’re configuring location-based printing with iPrint. You’ve uploaded your map image files, now you need to use the iPrint Map Designer tool to create printer locations. If the IP address of your iPrint server is, which URL would you enter in your web browser to access this tool?


Answer: B

You’re configuring location-based printing with iPrint on your OES NetWare server. You’ve scanned floor plans of your organization’s office suite into JPG files. You now need to upload these images to your server. Which directory should you copy them to?

A.    Sys:\System\Ndps\Ippdocs\Images\Maps
B.    Sys:\System\iPrint\Ippdocs\Images\Maps
C.    Sys:\Apache2\Htdocs\iPrint\Images\Maps
D.    Sys:\Apache2\Htdocs\Ippdocs\Images\Maps

Answer: D

You’ve configured an iPrint printer on your DA2 server, which has an IP address of Your users now need to connect to the server through a web browser and install the printer using the default printer list generated by iPrint. Which URL should they use in their browser window to do this?


Answer: A

The LMorgan user object resides in the LGA . DA container in an eDirectory tree named .DA-TREE . . The MWaters and the MFinn users also reside in the LGA container. LMorgan is a member of the Sales.LGA . DA group object. The DA2 server also resides in the LGA . DA container. The LMorgan user is security equivalent to which objects in the tree? (Choose 2.)

A.    The Sales group.
B.    The MWaters user.
C.    The LGA container.
D.    The MFinn user.
E.    The DA2 server object.

Answer: AC

You’re implementing OES NetWare for a small business client: Jessica’s Bakery. There is only one server in the network. You’ve named the server BAKERY1 and installed it into an eDirectory tree named JESSICASBAKERY-TREE . You’ve used a random password generator to create a password for the tree’s Admin user.
You’ve placed the server hardware next to the point-of-sale system in the customer area of the bakery. All workstations have the latest Novell Client installed on them. You created a directory named SHARED on the server’s DATA volume where employees can share files. Does this configuration meet Novell’s security recommendations?

A.    Yes, all Novell Security guidelines have been met.
B.    No, you shouldn’t use shared directories.
C.    No, the server should be located in a locked room.
D.    No, passwords created with a random password generator aren’t complex enough.
E.    No, you shouldn’t use the business name in the server or eDirectory tree names.

Answer: C

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