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You need to access iManager on an OES NetWare server that has been assigned an IP address of Which URL should you use?


Answer: C

Which OES NetWare service can be used to synchronize the information stored in your eDirectory tree with a Microsoft Active Directory domain?

A.    iSCSI
B.    Clustering
C.    Identity Manager
D.    Archive and Version Services
E.    Service Location Protocol (SLP)

Answer: C

Which OES services are not available on the Linux platform? (Choose 2.)

A.    Virtual Office
B.    Archive and Version Services
C.    eDirectory
D.    Identity Manager
E.    Distributed File Services
F.    eGuide

Answer: BE

Which OES service is not available on the NetWare platform?

A.    eGuide
B.    iFolder 3.x
C.    Identity Manager
D.    Apache Web Server

Answer: B

Which are components of a Novell iPrint system? (Choose 2.)

A.    Broker
B.    Manager
C.    Print Queue
D.    Print Server
E.    Print Queue Operator

Answer: AB

Your company’s business procedures require the use of triplicate forms. To accommodate this, you have purchased a dot-matrix printer to deploy in your network. The printer will be connected directly to one of your server’s LPT ports using an IEEE 1284 parallel cable. You use iPrint to provide print services to your end users. This printer doesn’t have an embedded printer agent. Can it be used with iPrint?

A.    Yes, all prerequisite requirements have been met.
B.    No, the Print Manager doesn’t support dot-matrix printers.
C.    No, the iPrint Broker is incompatible with IEEE 1284 printers.
D.    No, iPrint doesn’t support printers without an embedded printer agent.
E.    No, a Printer Agent can’t be created for printers that use a parallel cable.

Answer: A

Which describes the role of the iPrint printer agent?

A.    It downloads the correct print driver to the workstation.
B.    It responds to queries from clients about the status of a print job.
C.    It provides a platform for printer objects that reside on the server.
D.    It allows NDPS clients to send print jobs to printers that are not NDPS-aware.
E.    It redirects print jobs to a directory on the server while waiting for the printer to become available.
F.    It takes application-specific data from the application creating the print job and reformats it to work
with the printer it is being sent to.

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button to begin. You are configuring an iPrint system for your company. Your Vice President’s office is on the same floor as the offices of several design engineers. The Vice President has her own private printer for printing confidential documents. The design engineers have a high-end color laser printer that they share.
You’ve decided to use your DA1 server to provide iPrint services. To keep confidential print jobs separate from regular print jobs, you decide to create two iPrint Manager objects in the eDirectory tree and load two instances of the iPrint Manager on DA1 to support each Manager object. Will this configuration work?

A.    Yes, all iPrint requirements have been met.
B.    No, iPrint doesn’t support color laser printers in the current release.
C.    No, you can’t load two instances of the iPrint Manager software on the same server.
D.    No, the iPrint Manager software shouldn’t be loaded on server that is also providing file storage services.
E.    No, the iPrint Manager software is only needed if the printers are connected directly to server LPT ports
using a parallel cable.

Answer: C

The __________ translates iPrint queries or commands into printer-specific language that a given printer can use.

A.    Broker
B.    Gateway
C.    Manager
D.    Print Queue
E.    Print Server
F.    Printer Agent

Answer: B

Which services does the iPrint Broker provide? (Choose 3.)

A.    Print Monitor Service
B.    Agent Monitor Service
C.    PCL Translation Service
D.    Service Registry Service
E.    Event Notification Service
F.    PostScript Conversion Service
G.    Resource Management Service
H.    Print Queue Management Service

Answer: DEG

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