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Which directories does Novell recommend you implement to organize your NetWare server’s file system? (Choose 3.)

A.    Shared directories.
B.    ZENworks profile directories.
C.    iFolder data directories on SYS.
D.    An iPrint spooling directory on SYS.
E.    User home directories on a volume other than SYS.
F.    A directory named ETC in each user’s home directory for configuration files.

Answer: ABE

Which versions of NetWare support the IP protocol? (Choose 2.)

A.    OES NetWare
B.    NetWare 3.1
C.    NetWare 5.1
D.    NetWare 4.2
E.    NetWare 4.0
F.    NetWare 4.11

Answer: AC

Which Open Source services are supported by OES NetWare? (Choose 2.)

A.    KDE
B.    MySQL
C.    named
D.    Emacs
E.    Pure-FTP
F.    Apache Web Server

Answer: BF

The ______________ product, included with OES NetWare, allows users to search for names, addresses, and phone numbers stored in eDirectory.
Answer: eGuide

Which OES NetWare product provides high availability of critical network resources?

A.    MySQL
B.    Rsync
C.    iPrint
D.    eGuide
E.    File Versioning
F.    Novell Cluster Services
G.    Web Application Services

Answer: F

Which operating systems are supported by OES services? (Choose 2.)

A.    NetWare 6.5
B.    NetWare 5.1
C.    Windows Server 2003
D.    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
E.    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Answer: AD

You are planning to deploy Novell Open Enterprise Server services on an existing NetWare 6.5 server. Which Support Pack must be installed on the server before you can do this?

A.    NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 1
B.    NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 1a
C.    NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2
D.    NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 3

Answer: D

Which types of scripts can be used to manage an OES NetWare server from the server console? (Choose 2.)

A.    OpenScript
B.    JavaScript
C.    Perl scripts
D.    UnrealScript
E.    bash shell scripts

Answer: CE

Which of the following are advantages of using Novell OES? (Choose 2.)

A.    Use of familiar NetWare services on Linux.
B.    Interoperability with Windows servers and clients.
C.    Use of familiar NetWare services on Windows servers.
D.    The ability to run Linux daemons on the NetWare platform.
E.    The ability to run Windows programs on the Linux platform.

Answer: AB

You need to create a new user object in your eDirectory tree using the ConsoleOne management utility. You don’t have ConsoleOne installed on your local Windows workstation, so you must run it from your OES NetWare server. Where should you look in the server’s file system for the ConsoleOne.exe executable?

A.    Sys:\Public\bin
B.    Sys:\Public\Win32\ConsoleOne
C.    Sys:\Public\Mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin
D.    Sys:\Public\WINNT\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin

Answer: C

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