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Vendor: LPI
Exam Code: 117-202
Exam Name: LPI Level 2 Exam 202, Advanced Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2

Which type of DNS record defines which server(s) email for a domain should be sent to?
Answer: MX

Some users are unable to connect to specific local hosts by name, while accessing hosts in other zones works as expected. Given that the hosts are reachable by their IP addresses, which is the default log file that could provide hints about the problem?

A.    /var/named/log
B.    /var/lib/named/dev/log
C.    /var/log/bind_errors
D.    /var/log/bind/errors
E.    /var/log/messages

Answer: E

A BIND server should never answer queries from certain networks or hosts. Which configuration directive could be used for this purpose?

A.    deny-query { …; };
B.    no-answer { …; };
C.    deny-answer { …; };
D.    deny-access { …; };
E.    blackhole { …; };

Answer: E

What is the purpose of a PTR record?

A.    To provide name to IP resolution.
B.    To provide IP to name resolution.
C.    To direct email to a specific host.
D.    To provide additional host information.
E.    To direct clients to another nameserver.

Answer: B

Enter one of the Apache configuration file directives that defines where log files are stored.
Answer: ErrorLog

What directive can be used in named.conf to restrict zone transfers to the network?

A.    allow-transfer {; };
B.    allow-transfer { };
C.    allow-axfr {; };
D.    allow-axfr { };
E.    allow-xfer {; };

Answer: A

To securely use dynamic DNS updates, the use of TSIG is recommended. Which TWO statements about TSIG are true?

A.    TSIG is used for zone data encryption
B.    TSIG is a signal to start a zone update
C.    TSIG is used in zone files
D.    TSIG is used only in server configuration
E.    Servers using TSIG must be in sync (time zone!)

Answer: DE

In which configuration file can a key-file be defined to enable secure DNS zone transfers? (Please enter the file name without the path)
Answer: named.conf

The users of the local network complain that name resolution is not fast enough. Enter the command, without the path or any options, that shows the time taken to resolve a DNS query.
Answer: dig

Which option is used to configure pppd to use up to two DNS server addresses provided by the remote server?

A.    ms-dns
B.    nameserver
C.    usepeerdns
D.    dns
E.    None of the above

Answer: C

A DNS server has the IP address Which TWO of the following need to be done on a client machine to use this DNS server?

A.    Add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf.
B.    Run route add nameserver
C.    Run ifconfig eth0 nameserver
D.    Ensure that the dns service is listed in the hosts entry in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.
E.    Run bind add nameserver

Answer: AD

The mailserver is currently called fred, while the primary MX record points to What must be done to direct email towards fred?

A.    Add an A record for mailhost to fred’s IP address.
B.    Add a CNAME record from mailhost to fred
C.    Add another MX record pointing to fred’s IP address.
D.    Add a PTR record from mailhost to fred.

Answer: A

Which port must be open on a firewall, to allow a DNS server to receive queries? (Enter only the port number).
Answer: 53

Which option can be used to allow access to a BIND DNS server from only specified networks/hosts?

A.    Using the limit { …; }; statement in the named configuration file.
B.    Using the allow-query { …; }; statement in the named configuration file.
C.    Using the answer-only { …; }; statement in the named configuration file.
D.    Using the allow-answer { …; }; statement in the named configuration file.
E.    Using the query-access { …; }; statement in the named configuration file.

Answer: B

There is a restricted area in an Apache site, which requires users to authenticate against the file /srv/www/security/site-passwd. Which command is used to CHANGE the password of existing users, without losing data, when Basic authentication is being used.

A.    htpasswd -c /srv/www/security/site passwd user
B.    htpasswd /srv/www/security/site-passwd user
C.    htpasswd -n /srv/www/security/site-passwd user
D.    htpasswd -D /srv/www/security/site-passwd user
E.    None of the above.

Answer: B

Consider the following / srv/www/ default/html/ restricted/.htaccess
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile / srv/www/ security/ site-passwd
AuthName Restricted
Require valid-user
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from
Satisfy any
Considering that DocumentRoot is set to /srv/www/default/html, which TWO of the following sentences are true?

A.    Apache will only grant access to http://server/restricted/to authenticated users connecting from clients in the network
B.    This setup will only work if the directory /srv/www/default/html/restricted/ is configured with AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit
C.    Apache will require authentication for every client requesting connections to http://server/restricted/
D.    Users connecting from clients in the network won’t need to authenticate themselves to access http://server/restricted/
E.    The Satisfy directive could be removed without changing Apache behaviour for this directory

Answer: BD

A web server is expected to handle approximately 200 simultaneous requests during normal use with an occasional spike in activity and is performing slowly. Which directives in httpd.conf need to be adjusted?

A.    MinSpareServers & MaxSpareServers.
B.    MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers & MaxClients.
C.    MinServers, MaxServers & MaxClients.
D.    MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers, MaxClients & KeepAlive.

Answer: B

Which statements about the Alias and Redirect directives in Apache’s configuration file are true?

A.    Alias can only reference files under DocumentRoot
B.    Redirect works with regular expressions
C.    Redirect is handled on the client side
D.    Alias is handled on the server side
E.    Alias is not a valid configuration directive

Answer: CD

Which file, in the local file-system, is presented when the client requests http://server/~joe/index.html and the following directive is present in server’s Apache configuration file?
UserDir site/html Given that all users have their home directory in /home, please type in the FULL file name including the path.
Answer: /home/joe/site/html/index.html

When Apache is configured to use name-based virtual hosts:

A.    it’s also necessary to configure a different IP address for each virtual host.
B.    the Listen directive is ignored by the server.
C.    it starts multiple daemons (one for each virtual host).
D.    it’s also necessary to create a VirtualHost block for the main host.
E.    only the directives ServerName and DocumentRoot may be used inside a block.

Answer: D

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