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Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-380
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Manager – Storage Management

In which Hitachi Device Manager screen is the Allocate Like Volumes feature available?

A.    Hosts
B.    Allocate Storage
C.    Dynamic Provisioning
D.    Allocate Volumes to Multiple Hosts

Answer: A

You are managing a Hitachi Device Manager environment and want to use the Element Manager to configure the Fibre Channel ports on a Hitachi VSP storage system. Which two Fibre Channel port operations are permitted? (Choose two.)

A.    Reset the port.
B.    Set the connection type.
C.    Set the port attribute.
D.    Set the port offline.

Answer: BC

What are two benefits of the Hitachi Command Suite? (Choose two.)

A.    agentless host discovery
B.    integrated installer for core Hitachi Command Suite software
C.    one license key for all Hitachi Command Suite software products
D.    automated microcode update management across all Hitachi storage systems

Answer: AB

When enabled, what does the path health checking feature of Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) do?

A.    It causes HDLM to rotate I/Os across all healthy paths.
B.    It causes HDLM to automatically check the path status at regular intervals.
C.    It enables the last I/O recovery routine to execute upon path failure.
D.    It logs path status information and generate path health reports.

Answer: B

Hitachi Device Manager manages file servers based on information sent from which two products? (Choose two.)

A.    Netapp file servers
B.    Hitachi High performance NAS platform
C.    Hitachi NAS blades
D.    Hitachi Data Ingestor

Answer: BD

You are working within a Hitachi Device Manager environment. What are three benefits of implementing Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP)? (Choose three.)

A.    Data written across multiple disks optimizes performance.
B.    User capacity can be allocated before storage is purchased.
C.    User data is automatically mirrored to secondary storage.
D.    HDP volumes can be dynamically shrunk.
E.    HDP volumes can be dynamically expanded.

Answer: ABE

You want to use Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to manage your existing Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) environment. Which three HDvM CLI commands can be used? (Choose three.)

A.    AddPool
B.    GrowPool
C.    ModifyPool
D.    MapLun
E.    AddLun

Answer: ACE

Using the Element Manager feature of Hitachi Device Manager, which term describes the storage system port-to-port connections shared by external LUNs on a VSP?

A.    Port Group ID
B.    Path Group ID
C.    Path Pool ID
D.    Port Pool ID

Answer: B

A manufacturing company wants to centrally manage all their multi-pathing software using Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM). Which two types of multi-pathing software are supported? (Choose two.)

A.    HDLM
B.    HP-UX Multipathing
C.    PowerPath
D.    SDD

Answer: AB

A storage administrator wants to provision storage from a VSP to a Windows 2008 host using Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM). Which two tasks must be completed first? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a host group for the host on the VSP.
B.    Add the host to HDvM.
C.    Add the storage system to HDvM.
D.    Add the storage to a logical group in HDvM.

Answer: BC

You are about to restore the HiRDB database on a Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) Windows server. But first, you must stop the HCS services. How is this accomplished?

A.    Use the Windows service panel from Computer Manager.
B.    Use the HCS GUI.
C.    Use the hcmdssrv command.
D.    Use the hcmdsservices command.

Answer: C

You want to group volumes together on a VSP storage system using LUSE. What is the maximum number of volumes that would be grouped together?

A.    16
B.    32
C.    36
D.    60

Answer: C

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