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An administrator needs to configure a monitor to track the health of an IMAP service configured on a NetScaler system.
Which type of monitor must the administrator configure to back the health of this entity?

A.    Load
B.    User
C.    Inline
D.    Server Application State Protocol (SASP)

Answer: B

Scenario: An events ticketing company plans to use the content switching feature of NetScaler to parse traffic so that users purchasing tickets or answering surveys go to group A servers, users accessing images go to either group B or C servers depending on the ticket category and all other traffic goes to group D. All servers are in the same web farm. Which two actions must an administrator perform to correctly define the content switching virtual server so that traffic NOT going to groups A -C gets directed to group D? (Choose two.)
A.    Bind a load balancing virtual server to the appropriate service for the web farm.
B.    Bind the appropriate service to a load balancing virtual server for serving content group D.
C.    Bind the appropriate load balancing virtual server to the content switching virtual server without
a policy.
D.    Bind the appropriate load balancing virtual server to the content switching virtual server with the
appropriate policy for content group D.

Answer: BC

Scenario: A specific logging application hosted on one Web server in a farm requires the client IP address in order to process information correctly in an environment where a NetScater system is load balancing all the Web servers. This application is the only one that requires the client P address to function properly.
How must an administrator configure Client IP header insertion appropriately for this scenario?

A.    As a global feature
B.    As an advanced server option
C.    As an advanced service option
D.    As an advanced virtual server option

Answer: C

An administrator is configuring a virtual server for encrypted traffic from clients that needs to be decrypted prior to being forwarded to the back-end servers.
Which type of virtual server and service should the administrator configure?

A.    SSL server and service
B.    SSL_TCP virtual server and service
C.    SSL_TCP virtual server and TCP service
D.    STCP virtual server and SL_TCP service

Answer: C

An administrator has enabled the load balancing and compression features on a NetScaler system and wants to create a compression policy so that the NetScaler system will compress application/x-javascript globally using the gzip format.
Which two CLI commands must the administrator use to create and associate the policy correctly? (Choose two.)

A.    rm cmp policy
B.    set cmp policy
C.    add cmp policy
D.    bind cmp global

Answer: CD

Scenario:An administrator introduced two new servers into a server farm; the servers can handle more traffic than the older servers. The current loadbalancing method setter the virtual server managing the traffic far this group of servers is least connections. The administrator wants to maintain that load balancing method but also wants to use the new servers to improve performance by sending more traffic to them than to the older servers.
Which advanced option must the administrator configureto achieve this?

A.    MaxClient
B.    ServiceWeights
C.    Backup virtualserver
D.    Global Setting Override

Answer: B

Which qualifier designates the sourceIP of the outgoing pocket in a classic policy for NetScater 9.2?

Answer: C

What can an administrator configure to perform a health check for a SVC1,which is transferring HTTPS traffic so that a probe is only sent when there is to traffic to the server?

A.    An HTTP monitor with the secure parameter selected
B.    An HTTP monitor with the transparent parameter selected
C.    An HTTP-Inline monitor with the secure parameter selected
D.    An HTTP-ECV monitor with the transparent parameter selected

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator plans to configure health checks for services bound to Web servers 1 and 2, which are listening on TCP port 80 for HTTP and TCP port 443 for HTTPS.
Service1 receives the clear text traffic and Service2 receives the encrypted traffic.
Which type of monitor should the administrator bind to the services to meet the needs of this environment?

A.    A TCP monitor to Service1 and Service2
B.    An HTTP-ECV monitor to Service1 and Service 2
C.    An HTTPS monitor to Service1 and a HTTP monitor for Service2
D.    An HTTP monitor to Service1 and an HTTPS monitor to Service2

Answer: D

An administrator needs to create a health check that will mark an HTTP service down if the bound monitor probe exceeds 40 milliseconds.How can the administrator create the monitor for this
health check using the command line interface?

A.    set mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -interval 40 milli
B.    add lb mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -interval 40 milli
C.    set mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -resptimeout 40 milli
D.    addlb mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -resptimeout 40 milli

Answer: D

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