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Scenario: An administrator must configure a new NetScaler 9.2 deployment at a large organization. The administrator must use the following information when configuring the NetScaler system:
IP addresses to use when configuring the NetScaler 9.2 deployment:
• VIP:
• MIP:
• DNS Server:
Internal Web server IP address10.165.40.10
An HTTP virtual server is created and HTTP services are bound to the default settings.
From which IP address will the Web server receive communications from the NetScaler system in this scenario?


Answer: E

In order to prevent configuration errors from typographical errors and to streamline the creation of expressions, an administrator should leverage______when creating policies. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    pattern sets
B.    entity templates
C.    inline expressions
D.    named expressions

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure services and vservers for connection-based content switching of transport control protocol traffic. The traffic must be decrypted by the NetScaler and sent as plain text to the back-end server.
Which types of services and vservers should the administrator configure for this environment?
A.    SSL_TCP type of load balancing vservers, content switching vservers, and services for the NetScaler
B.    An SSL_TCP type of content switching vserver and TCP type services and vservers for the NetScaler
C.    An SSL_TCP type of load balancing vserver and TCP type services and content switching vservers
for the NetScaler
D.    SSL_TCP type of content switching vservers and services, and TCP type of load balancing vservers
for the NetScaler

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is configuring content switching to switch between static and dynamic requests. The administrator has completed the following:
• Content switching feature is enabled
• Two CS policies have been created to identify static and dynamic requests
Which subsequent action should the administrator take after the above actions have been completed?

A.    Create a load balancing virtual server for static requests and a separate load balancing virtual server
for dynamic requests.
B.    Create a virtual server for all requests but create a service for static requests and a separate service
for dynamic requests.
C.    Prioritize the content switching policies so that the policy associated with dynamic requests is higher
than the policy associated to staticrequests.
D.    Prioritizethe content switching policies so that the policy associated with static requests is higher than
the policy associated to dynamic requests.

Answer: B

An administrator wants to configure the virtual server and services so that existing connections
stay open when a service is marked down but NOT when a virtual server is marked down.
How must the administrator configure the service and virtual server to reflect this dependency?

A.    set I vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush ENABLED
set service svcl -downStateFlush ENABLED
B.    set to vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush DISABLED
set service svcl -downStateFlush ENABLED
C.    set lb vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush ENABLED
set service svc 1 -downStateFlush DISABLED
D.    set to vserver lbv1 -downStateFlush DISABLED
set service svcl -downStateFlush DISABLED

Answer: C

Which parameter cm a monitor specifies the consecutive number of successful probes required tomark a service as IF?

A.    Retries
B.    Failure Retries
C.    Success Retries
D.    Response timeout
E.    Response timeout threshold

Answer: E

Which page is displayed to the user if a catch-all policy is NOT defined on a content switching virtual server configured on the NetScaler?

A.    Users get an HTTP/1/.1 Error.
B.    Users get an Access Denied Page.
C.    The policy with the lowest priority gets evaluated.
D.    Users are redirected to the page configured in the redirectURL parameter of the CSVserver.

Answer: C

An administrator has just enabled caching and wants to make sure that this will positively impact server performance.
Which information can the administrator get from the Dashboard to determine whether server performance was positively affected by enabling caching?

A.    Client connection count increases
B.    Server side request rate increases
C.    Client connection count decreases
D.    Server side request rate decreases

Answer: D

An administrator wants to limit access to the NetScaler GUI and has configured ACLs to achieve this; however, everyone is still able to access the NetScaler administration tools.
What could be causing this issue?

A.    Layer-3 mode is enabled.
B.    TCP buffering is enabled
C.    The configured ACLs have not been applied/committed.
D.    The ACLs have not been propagated toboth NetScalers in the HA pail.

Answer: C

What are the three best methods an administrator should use to load balance cache servers according to best practice? (Choose three.)

A.    URL hash
B.    Roundrobin
C.    Domain hash
D.    Least connections
E.    Destination IP hash

Answer: ACE

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