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An administrator needs to configure a NetScaler-owned IP address for server-side connections in an environment in which USNIP mode is globally enabled on me NetScaler system.
Which step must the administrator take to meet the needs of this scenario?

A.    Add an IP of type SNIP.
B.    Ensure USIP mode is enabled globally
C.    Configure VIPs instead of SNIPs for the server-side connections.
D.    Enable USMP mode on the virtual server entities bound to the back-end servers.

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator has created and configured services on load balanced virtual servers.The administrator then enabled the compression feature on a NetScaler deployment using the Configuration Utility. After adding additional services, the administrator decides to check the Dashboard for the compression statistics. However, when looking over the statistics, the administrator notices an extremely low count in the policy hit counter
What could be causing the low count in the policy hit counter?

A.    The administrator did not bind the services to a virtual server.
B.    The administrator has not restarted the Dashboard after enabling the compression feature.
C.    The administrator has failed to manually enable compression for the services created prior to enabling the compression feature.
D.    The administrator failed to bind the HTTP services to an SSL load balancing virtualserver, and failed to bind the SSL services to an HTTP load balancing virtual server.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator is configuring a NetScaler system in one-armed mode The administrator has connected the NetScaler appliances to the network through a switch and will soon configure the appliances as a pair with HA enabled.
Which two steps should the administrator take to successfully configure HA in this environment? (Choose two)

A.    Disable al unused network interfaces.
B.    Ensure the NSP is unique on each node.
C.    Ensure the NSP is identical on each node.
D.    Change the default nsroot password on each node of the HA pair.

Answer: AD

An administrator has noticed a degradation in performance from the Web servers when delivering secure web applications in the network environment.
Assuming a NetScaler system is deployed to improve site performance, which feature must first be enabled to allow for other acceleration benefits for secure traffic?

A.    Configure Cache redirection
B.    Configure load balancing for the Web servers.
C.    Configure priority queuing on the NetScaler system.
D.    Configure the SSL offload feature on the NetScaler system.

Answer: D

What should an administrator configure on a NetScaler to remove server-side compression and enable compression on the NetScaler?

A.    Disable the compression feature (disable ns fea cmp).
B.    Enable Compress Push Packet (set cmp parameter -cmpOnPush enabled).
C.    Enable Allow Server-Side Compression (set cmp parameter -serverCmp on).
D.    Disable Allow Server-Side Compression (set cmp parameter -serverCmp off)

Answer: D

Which two options can an administrator leverage when setting the nsroot password during the initial setup of a NetScaler system? (Choose two)

A.    The Setup Wizard
B.    The passwd command
C.    The set system user command
D.    The add nsroot password command

Answer: AC

Scenario: An administrator in attempting to force synchronization between two nodes in an HA setup. Once the synchronization is complete,the administrator receives a <Done>message.
In order to verify that the synchronizationhas been successful, the administrator should execute the ______ command. . (Choose thecorrect option to complete the sentence)

A.    show node
B.    show monitor
C.    show sync status
D.    show system status

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator would like to set an organization’s homepage search engine type to display differently based on a user’s browser. If a user accesses the homepage from an Internet Explorer browser, then the Bing search engine should be displayed. If a user accesses the homepage using a Google Chrome browser, then the Google search engine should be displayed.
Which feature could an administrator useto meet the needs of the scenario?

A.    Responder
B.    Rate limiting
C.    PriorityQueuing
D.    ContentFiltering

Answer: A

Scenario: A new network administrator has been hired for an organization that already has a NetScaler system in place.
The new administrator wants toleverage existing application templates to configure new web applications.
If the administrator does leverage an application template, which additional step must the administrator take before the application is available to the users?

A.    Rename the application template file.
B.    Import the template using the command line interface.
C.    Configure new application units and add them to the application
D.    Provide new public endpoints and back-end services for the application.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator has set up the configuration of an HA pair so that each NetScaler application has four connections interfaces. In addition, two pairs of interfaces for each applianceare configured in a link aggregation channel.
Which two additional steps should the administrator take to set up HA? (Choose two)

A.    configure a route monitor on the NetScaler.
B.    Disable interfaces that are not connected.
C.    Enable HA monitoring on the physical interfaces only.
D.    Enable HA monitoring on the link aggregation channel.

Answer: BD

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