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How can an administrator configure a health check for a server receiving HTTP traffic so that it monitors the responses of the server to actual client requests as opposed to probes whenever possible?

A.    Use the default TCP monitor
B.    Configure an HTTP-ECV monitor
C.    Configure an HTTP-Inline monitor
D.    Use the TCP monitor with the transparent parameter selected
E.    Configure an HTTP monitor with the transparent parameter selected

Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator is planning the deployment of a NetScaler system for a large banking corporation. The bank has very stringent Internet security policies and auditing procedures. One of the requirements for the transaction auditing is that the web server logs record the original client IP addresses.
Which two features on the NetScaler could the administrator use to meet the auditing requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    USIP
B.    RNAT
D.    Edge mode
E.    Client IP insertion

Answer: AE

Scenario: An administrator is working with a Citrix consultant to architect and implement a NetScaler solution. They plan to use GSLB and DNS views in the environment.
In which two manners can the administrator configure the NetScaler system to be able to configure DNS views that support GSLB records? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure as an ADNS.
B.    Configure as a DNS proxy.
C.    Configure CNAME records.
D.    Configure as an End resolver

Answer: AB

Scenario: An administrator is working within a network environment as depicted in the attached exhibit.The NetScaler system in this HA pair need to exchange heartbeat packets over L3 throughrouters R3 and R4.
Refer to the exhibit. How can the administratorachieve this HA functional?


A.    Enable the dynamicrouting feature.
B.    Configure Route Heath Injection (RH).
C.    Bind a route monitor to each NetScaler device.
D.    Enable independentnetworkConfiguration (INC).

Answer: D

Scenario: A company has contracts with multiple ISPs and would like to use all of them for Internet connections although some ISP routers are faster than others. The company also plans to use a NetScaler system for load balancing and failover.
What can an administrator configure to ensure that all ISP connections are being used while avoiding retransmission or out-of-order packets in thisenvironment?

A.    Multiple LANs with Ingress rules.
B.    Linktoad balancing with destination IP-based persistence.
C.    Roundrobintoad balancing with reverse RNAT configured.
D.    A toad balancing policy with the appropriate preferred IP and preferred port parameters configured.

Answer: B

A network administrator wants to ensure that connection multiplexing is enabled for all client connections that hita virtual server.Which service type should the administrator select to enable connection multiplexing?

A.    SSL
B.    FTP
C.    TCP
D.    HTTP

Answer: C

Scenario: A customer has two datacenters in geographically dispersed locations, both serving content for a web-based application. Content for both data centers should always be available.
Which method should an administrator use to make content from both data centers available at all times?

A.    HA
B.    GSLB
C.    Content switching
D.    Backup load balancing virtual servers

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator needs to create a health check that will mark an HTTP service down if the bound monitor probe fails. The administrator wants to create a monitor and configure the health check so that a trap is sent if the monitor probe reply exceeds 20 milliseconds. How can the administrator create the monitor for this health check using the command line interface?

A.    set mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -interval 20 milli
B.    add lb mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -interval 20 milli
C.    set mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -resptimeout 20 milli
D.    add lb mon monitor-HTTP-1 HTTP -resptimeout 20 milli

Answer: D

Scenario: A network administrator has set up two NetScalers in HA. However, when the administrator checks the HA nodes, the secondary unit shows as DOWN Details were gathered from the secondary unit and are displayed below.
IP Address: 12.44.107
Node State: NOT UP
Master State:Secondary
Fail-Safe Mod: OFF
Synchronization State: SUCCESS
HA Propagation: ENABLED
Enabled Interfaces: 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8
Disabled Interfaces: 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4
SSL Card status: UP
HA Monitor on Interfaces: 1/6 1/7 1/8
Interfaces on which heartbeats are not seen: 1/5 1/6
Interfaces causing partial failure: 1/6
HelloInterval (msecs): 200
Dead Interval (sees): 3
Node in Secondary state for 15 Min(s) 0 Sec(s)
ID: 1
IP Address:
Node State: UP
Master State: Primary
Fail-Safe Mode: OFF
Synchronization State: ENABLED
HA Propagation: ENABLED
Enabled Interfaces: 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8
Disabled Interfaces: 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4
SSL Card status: UP
HA Monitor on Interfaces: 1/7 1/8
Interfaces on which heartbeats are not seen: 1/5 1/6
Given this information, which two options could the administrator do to bring Node 0 to the UP state? (Choose two.)

A.    Disable the 1/6 interface.
B.    Turn off HAMON on interface 1/6.
C.    Enable heartbeats on the 1/6 interface.
D.    Set the Trunk parameter to ON for the 1/6 interface.

Answer: BC

Scenario: An administrator is configuring two NetScaler systems in an HA pair. The administrator configured LDAP Authentication to allow domain administrators to manage the NetScaler appliances and also created an authentication server profile and policy. Afterwards,the administrator plans to verify which groups are extracted upon login by the intended users during testing of the authentication server profile and policy.
Which of the following commands from the NetScaler shell will display the extracted groups?

A.    tail ­ f/var/log/ns.log
B.    Cat /tmp/aaad.debug
C.    nsconmsg -K /var/nslog/newnlog -d event
D.    nsconmsg -k /ver/nslog -d consmsg

Answer: C

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