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High-End Tape V6: 000-969 Exam
000-969 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 000-969
Exam Name: High-End Tape V6
Q & A: 146 Q&As

1.A customer has an IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library with IBM TS1120 Tape
Drives in a System Managed Tape environment. A set of unlabeled outside tapes is
received and must be read. What must be done to allow these tapes to be made available
to the applications?
A. Nothing can be done as the TS3500 does not support unlabeled tapes in a z/OS environment.
B. To make these tapes available to the application, ISMF is used to alter the volume records and the “”Special Use Attribute”” is set to RDCOMPAT.
C. To make these tapes available to the application, the volume serial numbers must be entered in the tape management database as private volumes.
D. To make these tapes available to the application, the tapes should be inserted into the library CIO and further, the function fix volume unknown serial number should be executed.
Answer: A

2.Which statement is true about Advanced Policy Management (APM)?
A. APM does not allow selection of larger volume sizes for the logical volumes.
B. Using APM, logical volumes can be grouped in a logical or physical tape library.
C. APM does not allow the retention time of virtual volumes in cache to be influenced.
D. Using APM, logical volume copies can be created on a different cartridge or a different site.
Answer: D

3.A storage specialist want to minimize the Recovery Point Objective without lengthening job run time in an IBM TS7700 Virtual Tape Server Grid configuration used for disaster recovery. What are the best copy consistency point settings?
A. Cluster 0 = RR, Cluster 1 = DR
B. Cluster 0 = RN, Cluster 1 = DD
C. Cluster 0 = RD, Cluster 1 = DR
D. Cluster 0 = RR, Cluster 1 = RR
Answer: C

4.A customer has given parameters to calculate a proposal for a new tape media
purchase. Which parameter is most likely to change over time?
A. the number of backup copies kept
B. the cartridge type currently used
C. the daily increase of backup data
D. the current average compression ratio
Answer: C

5.Which statement is true about mixing TS1130 and LTO drives in an IBM TS3500 Tape
A. TS1130 and LTO cartridges must reside in separate library frames.
B. Data path failover does not work if both TS1130 and LTO drives are installed.
C. It is possible to mix TS1130 and LTO Tape Drives in the same logical library.
D. It is impossible to mix TS1130 and LTO Tape Drives in the same physical library.
Answer: A

6.What is the native data transfer rate of the IBM TS1130 Tape Drive?
A. 80 MB/s
B. 100 MB/s
C. 120 MB/s
D. 160 MB/s
Answer: D

7.Two hospitals are consolidating their IT operations. Management has decided to use
IBM tape management systems to replace CA-Dynam/TLMS. Which of the following
software products would replace CA-Dynam/TLMS?
Answer: C

8.A customer has an IBM TS3500 Tape Library with IBM TS1130 Tape Drives, but does
not have the IBM High Availability frames. If the accessor fails, which action must be
performed to resume operations?
A. contact IBM support
B. re-initialize the Library Manager
C. cycle between Pause and Auto mode
D. perform a re-inventory of the cartridges in the library
Answer: A

9.Which compression method is used by the IBM 3592-E05 drive?
A. LZ1
Answer: D

10.Which Copy Consistency Point definitions provide the highest level of data protection
in case of the loss of one of the clusters in a two cluster IBM System Storage TS7700
Virtualization Engine Grid configuration?
A. Cluster 0 = NR, Cluster 1 = RN
B. Cluster 0 = RR, Cluster 1 = RR
C. Cluster 0 = RD, Cluster 1 = RR
D. Cluster 0 = RR, Cluster 1 = DR
Answer: B

11.Which repository is used in a system-managed tape environment to correlate the tape
data set names and tape volsers?
B. VTS Tape database
C. Tape Management Catalog
D. Library Manager database
Answer: C

12.Which drives support open systems data path failover?
A. STK 9940B and IBM 3590H
B. STK 9940B and IBM TS1120
C. STK 9840C and IBM TS1120
D. IBM 3590H and IBM TS1120
Answer: D

13.An installed IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine is running out of physical scratch
cartridges. There are no available empty slots in the library in which to insert additional
physical cartridges. A new storage frame has been ordered and the customer wants to
avoid problems due to low scratch cartridges until it arrives. Which temporary solution
should be implemented?
A. disable the tape stacking feature
B. change the reclamation threshold
C. define more logical volumes available for use
D. migrate data from physical to logical volumes
E. define more physical volumes available for use
Answer: B

14.Which component in an IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine environment manages the
A. TS7700Vnode
B. TS7700Hnode
C. Object Access Method
D. Tape Management System
Answer: B

15.A customer wants a minimum number of native tape drives, physical cartridges, and
physical movement of cartridges to support their mainframe tape vaulting environment.
Which software solution will meet these requirements?
A. Export/Import (E/I)
B. Virtual Data Recovery (VDR)
C. Removable Media Management (RMM)
D. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
Answer: B

16.What does Advanced Policy Management for selective dual copy do?
A. provides for automatic recovery of physical volumes
B. has a minimal impact on VTS throughput and capacity
C. eliminates logical media as a single point of failure
D. keeps primary and secondary copies on separate physical cartridges
Answer: D

17.What does a Cluster Family definition in a TS7700 environment do?
A. indicates a grouping of grids within DFSMS
B. indicates a grouping of hosts to a TS7700 grid
C. indicates a grouping of clusters within the grid
D. indicates a grouping of tape libraries at one cluster
Answer: C

18.Which function is NOT provided by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) running on the
IBM System z with z/OS?
A. space management of AIX systems
B. backup and recovery for z/OS datasets
C. backup and recovery for network clients
D. backup and recovery of the TSM database
Answer: B

19.Which cache management action best gives the TS7700 the ability to maximize
performance through
efficient utilization of the cache?
A. assign frequently accessed volumes to PG0
B. assign frequently accessed volumes to PG1
C. assign additional back-end tape drives to pre-migration
D. assign a higher reclamation threshold to the common pool
Answer: B

20.An IBM System Storage TS3500 Enterprise Automated Tape Library can be shared
between a number of operating systems on a wide variety of platforms. Which statement
explains how the IBM TS3500 can perform this function?
A. The IBM TS3500 Library Manager maintains a complete inventory of cartridges by
B. Each host system catalog contains entries for all tape cartridges in the TS3500 library.
C. The IBM TS3500 Library Manager maintains a complete inventory of each cartridge’s
D. The tape cartridges are assigned to logical libraries associated with cartridge
assignment policies.
Answer: D

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