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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-S28
Exam Name: Integrating and Managing HP BladeSystem Solutions in the Enterprise

With HP SIM, which actions can be taken when events are received at the Central Management Server(CMS)? (Select three.)

A.    run a report
B.    send email
C.    update a threshold
D.    launch a custom command
E.    forward alerts

Answer: BDE

After an enclosure’s power fails, the customer reports that blades that are supposed to map drives to a storage blade in the same enclosure did not map on startup. What helps to identify the cause of the power-on issue.?

A.    Partners Blade iLO Log
B.    Windows Event Viewer
C.    OA Showall
D.    VC show all

Answer: C

A system administrator wants to install a new c7000 enclosure into a farm of existing c7000 enclosures.
The Onboard Administrator (OA) modules in the new enclosure are running release 3.x firmware. Company policy demands that the version be downgraded to version 2.60 to match the existing enclosure farm. What should the system administrator use to downgrade the firmware on the OA?

A.    Firmware Maintenance CD
B.    HP Smart Update Manager
C.    HP Version Control Repository Manager
D.    Onboard Administrator GUI

Answer: D

What is required to deploy the HP ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) to remote systems from HP SIM? (Select two.)

A.    Insight Rapid Deployment software (RDP) must be installed on the Central Management Server (CMS).
B.    FTP must be installed on the target system.
C.    OpenSSH must be installed on the Central Management Server (CMS).
D.    FTP must be installed on the Central Management Server (CMS).
E.    OpenSSH must be installed on the target system.

Answer: CE

A fifth drive was recently added to an existing RAID 5. The overall system response is slow. Performance Monitor is running and shows the following counter information:
processor:processor time = 75 physical disk:average disk queue length = 12 physical disk:% disk time = 75 physical disk:pages/second = 85 What does this indicate? (Select two.)

A.    A disk bottleneck exists and the disks are overworked.
B.    A processor bottleneck is approaching and a second processor must be added to the system.
C.    Memory is approaching a bottleneck condition, adding memory is recommended.
D.    The counters do not show any problem with the system, this may be an application behavior problem.

Answer: AC

Why should you fully populate an enclosure with fans? (Select three.)

A.    HP Thermal Logic is automatically enabled.
B.    The noise level is reduced.
C.    It is more power efficient.
D.    It provides more airflow.
E.    The fans last longer because they are sharing the workload.

Answer: BCD

What is the purpose of Dynamic Power Saver?

A.    It balances the power load across all power supplies in the enclosure.
B.    It maximizes the efficiency of the power supplies by loading some power supplies while placing others in Standby mode.
C.    It alternates the power load between the power supplies in order to extend the overall operational life of the power supplies.
D.    It allows for scheduling a shutdown of specified servers when not in use in order to save overall power.

Answer: B

What is the minimum number of hard drives required to implement RAID 60 on a Smart Array Controller?

A.    4
B.    8
C.    6
D.    12
Answer: B

What can you add to the boot.ini file to allow a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server installation to add and use more than a 4GB RAM limit, using a processor that supports it?

A.    /nodetect
B.    /maxmem=4096
C.    /PAE
D.    /burnmemory=4096

Answer: C

You are integrating iLO cards with Active Directory services. You are able to configure this on most of the iLO cards, but not all. What should you check first on the cards where this feature does not work?

A.    level of integration with HP SIM
B.    timestamp on the certificate
C.    number of local users created
D.    iLO firmware revision

Answer: D

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