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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-J33
Exam Name: Implementing HP StorageWorks EVA Solutions

What must be considered when configuring the Internet Protocol settings of an EVA4400 management module?

A.    The WOCP requires an IPv6 network.
B.    The IP address range is restricted.
C.    A limited set of protocols is supported.
D.    The localhost alias must be disabled.

Answer: B

What is a physical segment (PSEG) in the EVA context?

A.    smallest virtual disk space allocated on a disk drive
B.    smallest physical disk space allocated on a disk drive
C.    disk space containing information about the selected redundancy level of the virtual disk
D.    data portion read from or written to a physical disk before the next physical disk is accessed

Answer: B

Which statements are true about mirrorclones? (Select two.)

A.    If the mirrorclone is in a normalized state, you can only detach it.
B.    The redundancy (Vraid) level of a mirrorclone must be the same or higher than the source.
C.    A mirrorclone delta restore may be made when the mirrorclone source is also the source for a DR group.
D.    A detached mirrorclone cannot be reattached to its source.
E.    HP recommends keeping mirrorclones in the same disk group as the source.

Answer: CD

What happens when you set the failure protection level for a disk group with same-sized disks on an EVA to single?

A.    Two disks are reserved as spare space.
B.    A one-disk equivalent is reserved as spare space.
C.    One disk is reserved as spare space.
D.    A two-disk equivalent is reserved as spare space.

Answer: D

You create a Vraid0 LUN in an EVA with 16 disks consisting of two 8-drive RSS sets. What will happen if a single disk fails?

A.    The LUN will fail even with an RSS configured.
B.    The LUN will continue to operate normally due to the redundancy provided by the RSS sets.
C.    The LUN cannot be configured across two RSS sets.
D.    The LUN will continue to operate at reduced performance while the RSS sets rebuild the lost data.

Answer: A

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