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Vendor: CA Technologies
Exam Code: CAT-160
Exam Name: CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Exam

If you are an administrator, but not a superuser administrator, you can: (Choose two)

A.    Create superuser administrators
B.    Access CA SiteMinder objects, tools, and features
C.    Change rules, policies, and responses in various domains
D.    Instruct the Policy Server to set upa default administrator account

Answer: BC

Which assumption does CA SiteMinder make about a user directory by default?

A.    A user will be audited against the same directory.
B.    A user will be authorized against the same directory.
C.    A user will be authenticated against the same directory.
D.    A user will be authenticated AND authorized against the same directory.

Answer: B

Virtual user attributes are prefixed with:

A.    !
B.    /
C.    #
D.    @

Answer: C

Before an installed Web Agent can be used to protect applications, you must:

A.    Verify that the TraceFile is yes, and open the Policy Server interface.
B.    Verify that the TraceFile is yes, and edit the Web Agent configuration.
C.    Turn on the agent via the WebAgent.conf file and restart the web server.
D.    Open the Policy Server interface and restart the web server from a command window.

Answer: C

To modify the cookie domain you use the:

A.    Policy Agent
B.    Directory Server
C.    Host Configuration Object (HCO)
D.    Agent Configuration Object (ACO)

Answer: D

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