2014 Latest SAS SZ0-270 Exam Questions & Practice Tests

Vendor: SAS
Exam Code: SZ0-270
Exam Name: SAS BI Content Development for SAS 9

What is the significance of the %STPBEGIN statement? (Choose two.)

A.    initializes the ODS system
B.    initiates the prompting for parameters
C.    processes the user written SAS code
D.    generates the reserve macro variables

Answer: AD

A SAS Information Map is based on multiple relational tables. Which statement is true regarding joins between them?

A.    The default join created is a full outer join.
B.    The default join is an inner join.
C.    A Cartesian product is created by default.
D.    Join conditions once created cannot be modified in an information map.

Answer: B

The authenticated id of a user is stored in the form USERIDDOMAIN. In SAS Information Map Studio, which identity-driven filter should be used to capture the correct userid?

A.    SAS.UseridDomain
B.    SAS.PersonName
C.    SAS.Domain
D.    SAS.Userid

Answer: D

In a stored process, a multiple value prompt selection named Country is used. Which macro variable can a developer use in SAS code to determine how many values the user selected?

A.    Country_COUNT
B.    Country_INDEX
C.    Country_NUM
D.    Country_NUNIQUE

Answer: A

A SAS report has been created in SAS Enterprise Guide and made available to SAS Web Report Studio. Which alterations can be made to the report in SAS Web Report Studio?

A.    Only headers and footers can be changed.
B.    No changes can be made.
C.    Report objects can be moved or deleted.
D.    Additional report objects can be added.

Answer: B

Which SAS Management Console plug-in is used to define metadata for channels?

A.    Configuration Manager plug-in
B.    Schedule Manager plug-in
C.    Foundation Services Manager plug-in
D.    Publishing Framework plug-in

Answer: D

The required components of a SAS BI Dashboard are:

A.    Data Model, Range, Indicator, and Dashboard
B.    Data Model, OLAP Cube, Indicator, and Dashboard
C.    Information Map, Indicator, Range, and Dashboard
D.    Data Model, Stored Process, Indicator, Range, and Dashboard

Answer: A

Which capabilities are available when creating a SAS Information Map from a SAS CLAP Cube? (Choose two.)

A.    associating a SAS Stored process with an information map that uses an CLAP Cube as a data source
B.    simple filter creation
C.    creating calculated members
D.    joining multiple cubes within one information map

Answer: BC

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