2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass IBM C2090-417 Exam Questions

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2090-417
Exam Name: IBM WebSphere Information Analyzer v8.0

Which two connectors are automatically available when defining a data source to Information Analyzer? (Choose two.)

A.    ODBCConnector
B.    JDBCConnector
C.    DataStageConnector
D.    WebSphereMQConnector

Answer: AD

Which analysis builds a complete set of all the column pairs between primary key columns and remaining selected columns in selected tables?

A.    column analysis
B.    foreign key analysis
C.    cross table analysis
D.    primary key analysis

Answer: B

Which three methods can be used to review the results of domain analysis? (Choose three.)

A.    Examine each value individually.
B.    Specify a range to determine the validity of the values.
C.    Compare all of the values to the values in a reference table.
D.    Specify a conditional test to determine the validity of the values.
E.    Create an automated script to check the validity of values based on business requirements.

Answer: ABC

Given a review of a new column analysis, which review processes must be completed in sequence?

A.    domain analysis, then format analysis
B.    format analysis, then properties analysis
C.    domain analysis, then rebuild inferences
D.    properties analysis, then classification analysis

Answer: C

Which statement is true with regards to publishing analysis results?

A.    Reference tables can be created then published and accessed using QualityStage.
B.    Categories can be created then published and accessed using Business Glossary.
C.    The accepted primary and foreign keys can be published then accessed using DataStage.
D.    The candidate primary and foreign keys can be published then accessed using Business Glossary.

Answer: C

You are installing Information Analyzer and plan to use DB2 as the analysis database, which statement is true?

A.    The analysis database is automatically created at installation.
B.    You must install the analysis database after you install the suite.
C.    The analysis database DSN is automatically created at installation.
D.    You must configure the analysis database before you install the suite.

Answer: A

Which two roles must be assigned to a user to complete the configuration of Information Analyzer? (Choose two.)

A.    data administrator
B.    project administrator
C.    database administrator
D.    production administrator

Answer: AB

What must be installed prior to AuditStage?

A.    .NET Framework
B.    Information Server
C.    Java Run-time Environment
D.    Microsoft Data Access Components

Answer: D

What are two valid ways of connecting AuditStage to a database? (Choose two.)

A.    JDBC
B.    federation
C.    Information Analyzer
D.    direct database connection

Answer: BD

For a data quality assessment project, which three roles are involved throughout the assessment? (Choose three.)

A.    data modeler
B.    data analyst
C.    ETL developer
D.    business analyst
E.    business subject matter expert

Answer: BDE

When planning a data quality assessment project, application owners have expressed reluctance to provide real-time access to their source systems using Information Analyzer. Which two concepts should be discussed and understood by the assessment team? (Choose two.)

A.    data standardization needed
B.    data transformation rules needed
C.    timeliness of data and its effect on structural metadata
D.    timeliness of data and its effect on data assessment results

Answer: CD

A company has determined a need for profiling a centralized data warehouse for business intelligence reporting.
During the initial client discovery session, which three initial questions should be addressed? (Choose three.)

A.    Which data marts are generated?
B.    Which data sources are contributors?
C.    Which underlying issues are suspected?
D.    Which users are subject matter experts?
E.    Which are the referential integrity violations?

Answer: BCD

A company has embarked on the implementation of a centralized data warehouse. Data Quality Assessment will be addressed at which two points in the implementation project? (Choose two.)

A.    periodically during post-implementation
B.    during the initial project plan development
C.    during the analysis phase before actual design begins
D.    during acceptance testing conducted after construction but before the warehouse is turned over for use

Answer: CD

What are two architectural components of AuditStage? (Choose two.)

A.    client interface
B.    parallel execution engine
C.    internal or external database
D.    common services connector

Answer: AC

Which architectural component applies to both Information Analyzer and AuditStage?

A.    XMeta
B.    domain
C.    client interface
D.    parallel engine

Answer: C

Which method should be used to estimate disk space to store frequency distributions for a given column based on the volume of data to be profiled?

A.    Multiply the number of distinct values by 2000.
B.    Multiply the total number of columns and the total number of rows.
C.    Multiply the number of rows by the sum of the column length and the maximum column format size plus 150.
D.    Multiply the number of rows by the sum of the column length and the maximum number of formats plus 150.

Answer: C

You have an Information Analyzer installation in an environment where multiple servers and multiple operating systems are available. Which two configurations are valid? (Choose two.)

A.    all layers on one RedHat Linux server
B.    Domain and Repository layers on one RedHat Linux server, Engine layer on one AIX UNIX server
C.    Domain and Repository layers on one RedHat Linux server, Engine layer on another RedHat Linux server
D.    Domain layer on one RedHat Linux server, Engine layer on one AIX UNIX server, Repository layer on another AIX UNIX server

Answer: AC

Which three steps must be completed to make a data source available for analysis in Information Analyzer? (Choose three.)

A.    Define a host computer.
B.    Import the source metadata.
C.    Import a sample set of source records.
D.    Define an ODBC connection to the data source.
E.    Define an ODBC connection to the IADB repository.

Answer: ABD

Which three steps must be performed to tell Information Analyzer where data is located? (Choose three.)

A.    Define a host.
B.    Define a project.
C.    Define a data store.
D.    Define a data connection.
E.    Define analysis settings.

Answer: ACD

Which two statements are true when importing metadata describing a data source? (Choose two.)

A.    Column definitions can be changed by the user during import.
B.    Metadata can be discovered by using the Identify Next Level function.
C.    Discovered metadata is automatically imported into the analysis database.
D.    Metadata for table and column definitions can be discovered using the Identify All Levels function.

Answer: BD

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